The Smart Watch That Will Help You Meet The Fitness Goals You Set

Almost everyone has the same New Year’s resolution every year. That is to lose weight, get fit and stay that way. Unfortunately most of us will only last about a week with a few of us maybe lasting a little bit longer with this goal. We all say that the reason is because we do not have anyone motivating us or helping us to stick with our workout program and sticking to our goals. However we all might be pleased to see that we have the option of a smart watch that will help keep track of your fitness progress.

The Fitness Tracking Watches

One of the first general purpose fitness tracking watches was introduced in the later part of the year 2012. It was a basic model that has since been reintroduced with the newest version known as the Peak. The newer model comes with a design that is much more sleek and slimmer. It also has better mobile interactions and the sensors that are involved will give you a better picture of what your daily activities consisted of.


The improvement of this watch was not only in the appearance of the watch but in the sensors as well. The Basis Peak fitness watch will help you to track your fitness progress by including an optical heart rate sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a sensor that monitors perspiration, ambient temperature as well as a sensor that will detect skin temperature. Simply by using those sensors the watch will be automatically able to tell if you are sleeping, running, or biking without you having to tell it so. However what is so special about this watch is that it can tell you whether you are getting a light, deep or REM sleep. It can also tell you if you are using a bike that is stationary or if you are biking outside and around your own town.

smart watches helping to achieve fitness goal

In the past the sensors that worked with this watch were not the greatest. The company worked hard to dramatically improve how well the sensors now work. For example the optical heart rate tracking sensor has been improved to keep more accurate and reliable data when your pulse starts to increase when you are completing activities that are more strenuous. You will find that if you are using a different type of fitness tracker that you will require a separate strap for heart rate monitoring which can be inconvenient for you.

General Health Habits And Goals

If you are one of those people who have decided to improve your general health habits you will be pleased to know that the smart watch will also help you to track your health habits. You can do this by using the system on the web iOS, as well as the android apps. These will help you to meet your specific goals as well as give you reminders on your specific attainable goals. The system will also adjust your goals once a week to be sure that they are reasonable. This adjustment is completed through your past activity.

What Is This Smart Watch Made Of

Smart watches are becoming more popular every day. Therefore the companies that make these watches want them to be comfortable and easy to use and to wear. For this reason the watch face is made of aluminum and the glass is made of Gorilla Glass. This makes the watch lightweight but still sturdy enough that it will not break easily. The watchband itself is made of a soft silicon band and will give you the option of switching it out for other styles when you want to change your look.

The look, feel and use of this smart watch will be found in your local REI store or Best Buy. It can also be purchased from Basis or Amazon for around $200. You will find that you will be pleased with every aspect of this watch and will want to wear it and use it all of the time.