The Best Grocery List Apps For Android

android appsThere are not many people who like to grocery shop and even more people who grocery shop without making a list. Of course there are also the people who take the time to make the list simply by writing it on a piece of paper and then leaving it at home. Little good does that do you when you get to the grocery store. You will then try to go from memory and you will end up forgetting what is on your list and purchasing things that you did not need to begin with. This is all made much easier if you use one of the many different grocery list apps for your Android device. After all no one leaves homes without his or her cell phones these days. In this article you will find several different grocery list apps for the Android and you can figure out which would serve your needs the best.


One of the biggest shopping list applications that is available for the Android is that of Listonic. This app will give you and interface that is easy to navigate through and will not leave you wondering if you are doing things correctly. While at the same time offering you many different features that will help you to best manage your shopping list. Some of the features that you will enjoy are options to sort your list. For example you can sort the list by organizing the items as they are found in the grocery store aisles. You will also be able to sync your device and share with someone else.

You will find that this app features a layout that is clean and easy. Many of these apps leave your screen cluttered and hard to manage. You will be pleased that this one does not and still offers easy navigation. It even offers a quick list option, which will allow you to select the staples such as bread, milk, toilet paper, etc.

android apps

The best news regarding this app is that it is completely free. For this reason and all of the reasons above this grocery shopping app cannot be beat.

Out Of Milk

The Out Of Milk app is one that has been popular for several years. The app itself gets plenty of updates and the bugs get fixed to be sure that this application remains on the top grocery shopping list apps.

This app will allow for you to make four different types of lists. These lists are shopping lists, deals at the grocery, a to do list, and a pantry list. All of the lists are simple to use and will even allow for you to scan barcodes into your phone to give you the option of adding them electronically to your shopping list. You can also sort when an item is on sale and many other detail oriented functions within this application.

This application is also free but there are purchases that you can purchase within the app that will offer you features such as custom fonts, themes and support from the staff at Out Of Milk.

Our Groceries

If you are looking for an application that will work for a family of multiple people or even roommates that wish to split up the grocery shopping you might be interested in the application of Our Groceries.

This is an easy application that will allow for you to set up a list of multiple people and whenever an item is purchased by someone if comes off of the shopping list for everyone. This feature allows for you not to have double items being stocked in the pantry.

Once again this application offers you the best of sorting options as well as many other features and it is free as well.

If you are looking for a grocery shopping app that will make your shopping experience much better and easier any other the ones listed above will be able to help you. If you are not interested in an app that is strictly for grocery shopping but you still would like to make a list you can take advantage of one of the many note-taking applications to help you.