How to Tell if Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

Creating multiple accounts on social media platforms is not uncommon among individuals.

People maintain multiple online accounts on different platforms for different reasons.

how to tell if someone has multiple snapchat accounts

And a platform like Snapchat is no exception to this trend.

If you suspect someone you know has more than one Snapchat account then this article is for you.

In this guide, you will learn how to tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts by exploring common techniques and behavior.

Why does Someone Have Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

Anyone can create more than one account on Snapchat using the same name but with different credentials.

So before starting with the steps to identify multiple Snapchat accounts.

It is also important to understand the motive why someone has one or more Snapchat accounts.

So here is a look at the reasons:

1. Different Purposes

If a person has two or more Snapchat accounts and is active on them equally, then the accounts might be used for different purposes.

One account is for personal and the other one is for business or promotional purposes.

You will find that the business account is set to public and allows you to check the stories even without following the account.

The personal Snapchat account might be set to private to keep things to certain aspects and avoid connecting with strangers.

This sort of separation allows maintaining professionalism while connecting with family and friends.

2. Privacy

Some people create multiple accounts to maintain different privacy levels, such as:

  • One account is managed for family and close and share their moments.
  • Another account is managed for sharing general content with a wide audience and making more connections.

3. Various Interests

Snapchat is a popular platform not only for messaging but also for creativity purposes.

So, some users may have multiple Snapchat accounts for sharing different creative sides like fashion, photography, art and much more.

Therefore, they may create multiple accounts with the same name to share content of their interests or personas.

4. Experiment Purpose

An individual can create two Snapchat accounts for testing and experimenting purposes.

This allows them to test Snapchat features, filters as well and content tactics without affecting the main account.

5. Secret Activities

Another possible reason why someone is interested in creating multiple accounts is to hide their identity.

A user can create an extra account to engage in secret activities they don’t want their known person to know about it.

Also, a secret Snapchat account might be managed to conceal their identity while continuing with secret activities.

6. Lost Previous Account Access

If you find the same person with two different accounts on Snapchat but using only one account.

Then the person must have lost access to one account and you will find one account is active and not used for posting stories.

So, after losing access to the previous account, a new Snapchat account is created.

The second account will be used presently for maintaining Snap steaks, posting stories, messaging, sharing content, etc,

As of now, we have explored the common reasons why anyone creates multiple Snapchat accounts.

Let’s find out the signs to recognize the multiple Snapchat accounts.

How To Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

Here are some quick methods that help you to identify if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts:

1. Save the Phone Number

Saving the contact number of a friend or known person is the basic method to check their Snapchat account.

When you save the contact number and sync it with your Snapchat account, the individual will appear on the add friend list automatically.

If you find more than one account of the particular individual, then it is clear that they have two or more accounts.

2. Profile Analysis

Another method to investigate multiple Snapchat accounts is by analysing the profile of the accounts. Here you need to check for the given signs:

  • Profile Pics – You can check for the profile pics whether they are different or the same profile pic is used in multiple accounts.

If multiple accounts have a different profile pic, then this is a red flag.

  • Usernames – Another quick trick is checking the usernames. Identify if the usernames are different or have some variation with the same name.

Often, people use the original username elements while creating another account.

  • Bio Data – You can also check the bio section of users for any similarities or shared information. Generally, users reuse the phrases and details in their profiles.

Also, if they lose access to their first account, they mention it in their second account to connect with their friends easily.

3. Check Followers & Friends

The common thing of someone having multiple Snapchat accounts is their followers and friends.

Checking for them in the user profile can give you valuable insight.

So, check for the common followers and friends between the accounts. This will indicate a clear connection.

Now, if you find that one account has work-related friends, then it indicates a professional account.

On another account, college friends and family members are added, and then this account is used for private life.

This is what suggests the multiple identities on Snapchat.

4: Check their Activity Pattern

Usually, the multiple account holders have different activity patterns on their different profiles.

So, if you suspect an individual has multiple Snapchat accounts then check their posting times.

Check if they are active on both accounts. Verify if they post stories at diverse times.

You can also check whether the content they post on both accounts is similar or has a difference.

The multiple Snapchat accounts can easily be identified by posting schedule and content type.

5. Check the Snap Score

Snapchat users get points when a snap is sent or received and these points are called Snap Score.

When a user is more active on a Snapchat account, the Snap score gets higher.

And if the snap scores are lower then this means the account is new or less active.

Checking the Snap Score of the Snapchat accounts allows you to find if the account is less active.

If any profile is new, it will eventually have a low score on their profile.

6. Send Snaps to the Accounts

Another easy trick to tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts is sending snaps to all accounts.

This allows you to find out if anything is suspicious in any of the suspected accounts.

First, you need to locate all suspected accounts and then add them to the friends lists and wait for them to add you.

If they add you, then send a snap so that they can react. Furthermore, check if they add you to a single account or all the accounts.

Adding on all accounts means your friend is managing multiple Snapchat accounts.

But if they add you on only one account this means they are active on one account only.

7. Third-Party Apps

Some third-party apps and websites allow you to search Snapchat accounts via usernames.

If you suspect any account, then type the particular account username and click on search.

The tool will scan and show the entire matches.

If you want to use the tool, search for it in Google, open related websites, and find the number of Snapchat accounts.

8. Ask Them

Sometimes, trusting your instinct and confronting the person is the best way to tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts.

If you are sure that something is inconsistent about a profile, then it is best to ask them.

People usually make multiple accounts for different purposes or explore and add new sets of friends.

So, it’s better to ask them and be sure than making guesses.

Can Someone Have Two Snapchat Accounts?

Yes, having two accounts is allowed by Snapchat, considering one as a business account.

Anyone can create a second Snapchat account but using the same mobile number and email address won’t let you do so.

You need an alternate mobile number and email address to create a business account.

Despite this, you need to make a slight difference in the username also. You can’t use one username on your multiple Snapchat accounts.

You won’t be able to keep both accounts logged in or have both accounts active on the same device.


Creating and maintaining multiple accounts is not uncommon.

So, if you suspect someone is using multiple Snapchat accounts, then follow the strategies listed.

First, you need to log into the first account and then log into the second one.