Terms & Conditions

Here at NewSciTech, we have our terms and conditions which must be respected, no matter if you’re a registered member on the site or only a visitor. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are helping us protect the site of any illegal activities and you are ensuring your safety and privacy while on the site as well.

For a better understanding, please read the following terms and conditions:

– All materials published on the site, including posts, info, data, graphics, music, videos, images, and software, belong to the site only. All rights reserved.

– You are not to use nor exploit any of the content published on the site in any way, unless you have a permission to do so.

– All content found on the site is eligible for printing or downloading for personal use as long as it contains a clear notice that the content belongs to NewSciTech.

– All trade marks, logos and service marks found on the site are owned or licensed by NewSciTech.

– No published material from NewSciTech can be used for commercial or public use.

– No published content can be reproduced unless for personal use only.

– You are not allowed to copy any content from NewSciTech in any form, whether electronic or other.

– If you are a registered member at NewSciTech, you will have the right to upload data such as blog posts, photos and videos, which will be referred to as “content” on the site.

– NewSciTech does not guarantee the quality and the accuracy of the “content” submitted by members.

– No logos or trademarks are to be copied nor reproduced in any way.

– We have the right to record the IP address used to upload the content on our site.

– By submitting any of your content or information publicly, you are giving us the right to use it as royalty free content and you are 100% responsible for it.

– Any links you may find on the site are posted for the sake of our readers. We do not control nor edit them.

– You are not allowed to publish any content that contains malware and viruses that may damage the software.

– You are not allowed to publish vulgar, harmful, hateful or in any way offensive content on the site.

– You are not allowed to post nor spread any content for commercial or business purposes.

– You should not post or upload any content unrelated to the site or too repetitive.

– No one is allowed to restrict someone from visiting or viewing the site.

– It is prohibited to delete any legal notice published on the site or to falsify the origin of any content.

– It is your responsibility to keep your password secure upon registering on the site.

– You are held responsible for using the site and the links displayed on it.

– NewSciTech has the right to deny access to the site to any visitor who fails to follow and respect our terms and conditions.

Upon reading the above listed terms and conditions, you are to respect and follow them in order to have a good experience using our services!