The Best Apps For Adding Text To Your Photos

guide book to best android appsWhen you have photos whether it be photos that you are messaging to someone else, making a poster, greeting card or even a scenic display for your photos you might have the idea of adding text to these photos but you are unsure how. This is where an app can help you and most of the apps for this function are fairly simple to use. Once you get involved with dressing up your photos with texts you will be looking for ways to do this on all of them and with the right app it can be done right from your cell phone. The question is now what apps are the best for doing this adding text. This technology update help you with deciding what app will be the best for you.

Word Swag

One of the most common apps for adding text is from Oringe and is called Word Swag. This is not a free app and will cost you roughly $2.99 but it is worth it. This will give you the function of typing over your image or will give you the option of cutting out a mask to give you an original image with a special effect look.  Word Swag is easy to use with three icon controls. One will cycle through the styles available, one will give you the choice of colors and the third control will give you the option of transparency and control the brightness of the background.


A free app that many users enjoy is called Phonto. This app is free and simple to you. It will give you many choices when trying to spruce up your images with text. There are a variety of different types of fonts including decorative fonts and it will allow for you to add text inside bubbles, placards and badges. An extra bonus is that it will also offer you stickers such as stars and hearts, which can be placed in various places in your photo. There is a free version of this app but you can also purchase the app, which will give you additional options.

guide book to best android apps


The app called Typic comes in three different forms. There is the free version, the plus version, which, you will be charged for, and the kids version. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that even the free version will allow for you to be completely satisfied other than some advertisements that roll across the bottom of the screen. There is also a limited supply of colors but the designs are plentiful and you will not be disappointed.


Over is one of the apps that have the best navigation and versatile movement throughout. It is simple to you. Just select your photo and tap the add text or add artwork tab and you are being walked through an easy app that will give you the editing choices you want including alignment, opacity, size and colors. You will also be asked to select the fonts that you want. This might take you a while because there are many of the, as well as art drawings that are also free. The app itself will cost you around $1 but it is worth it for the amount of capability it will give you.

If your apps are organized and you want to dress up your photos with text or even some sort of sticker design you will find that any of the apps listed above will suit you just fine. Some of these apps are free and will not cost you anything other than the annoyance of some advertisements scrolling along the bottom of the screen but they will all offer you what you will be looking for.

Image By : Brian Sawyer