Greatest Features Of iOS 8

Many people often cringe when they see yet another iOS update come around. But then there are many people who look forward to the new updates that are being released although the updates seem to be happening more and more frequently these days.   The newest of these updates was released on September 17, 2014, which was just two days before the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6Plus. There are many changes and updates to the iOS 6 and you will find in the article below a general highlight of what these changes are. Read on to learn more.


We all have grown to love Siri like she is a member of our family. Siri can do many things for us from finding a restaurant close to our location to giving directions and even finding out the times for the movie that you want to see. Her newest feature is that she will behave differently when asked to open a credit card. This leads all of us to believe that once Apple Pay is available that Siri will be able to open up credit cards through Passbook. This is yet another step to relying completely on technology to do almost everything for us.

Your Last Location

One of the new features to the new operating system is that it will be able to send your last location to Apple before the battery dies completely. This is the perfect function if you have lost your iPhone or even your iPad. It will end the last known location directly to Apple when the battery hits the critically dangerous level before it dies. Before the iCloud would hold the last location for twenty-four hours before it would lose the information. The new setting allows for Apply to have access to the location information for a much longer period of time.

success with iOS8

Song Identification

Siri can now identify songs that you may not know what they are through the Shazam program. If you ask Siri what song is playing she will be able to use the Shazam function to identify the song and who is performing it.

Credit Card Scanning

Another new feature is that you can use your camera to scan in a credit card number when you are purchasing something over the Internet. This will save you from the task of entering the number in manually. This will save you time if you are in a hurry.

Place Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi

When you are working off of the iOS 8 systems you will learn that there is an option for making phone calls over WiFi when you are connected to the WiFi network. This is a perfect solution if you are in a location where the signal from your carrier is low. There are not many carriers that are currently using this technology but it will be growing rapidly soon.

Which App Is Using Your Battery The Most

There are many apps available that will kill the life of your battery. One of the new features of the iOS 8 is that there is a new setting that will allow for you to view the battery usage by app. This will monitor your battery and your apps to see which one is draining your battery the quickest.

The updates for the iOS 8 that are listed above are only a few of the newer features. Of course there are many others that are also included and when you upgrade to the new operating system you will be able to learn which of the updates will work the best for you. Apple does not do anything with half of their heart therefore you will be pleased with the outcome that you will see.