Unveiling Apple Watch Which Is A New Entrant In The World Of Smart Watches

Smart watches have become an important accessory toady which most individuals would love to own. Equipped with advanced features, these smart watches are the perfect synthesis of smartphones and a regular watch. Apple is aiming at carving a niche in the smartphone market. The tech giant has decided to release the Apple watch in early 2015. The target customers are individuals who spend a large share of time checking their smartphones every day. With the launch of this interesting and handy device Apple aims at taking the digital experience to a new level. Apart from addressing the functionality Apple has aimed at high levels of aesthetics when designing the watch.

A Multi-purpose device

As you decide to strap a screen on your wrist take a look at the Apple watch. If you love experimenting with technology,you must be one of the tech-enthusiasts, who are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Apple watch. The watch is a perfect synthesis of all the best features of smartphones which have been launched till date. It features a music player like iPod, a strong communication device which enables you to send and receive messages and a fitness tracker which measures the heart-rate.

Equipped with advanced features

The Apple watch is equipped with voice activated controls and swipe to glance features. The designers have focused on the apps and voice calling features. This device will easily replace your wallet as you can make e-payments easily. One simple but useful feature of the Apple watch is that it acts as a digital key which can be used to open the smart lock which you have installed on your front door. The dedicated workout app in the device can be used to track the calories which you are burning in activities such as cycling.

Apple watch

Catering to your needs

You may be wondering how accurate the time is which the watch displays. Apple has aimed at high precision and accuracy. To cater to your requirements different watch faces have been customized. In addition to displaying lunar cycles, the watch alerts you on calendar appointments as well. This timepiece built with cutting-edge technology is powered with an S1 processor. It is couples with a gyro and accelerometer. It is the stainless steel case, a sapphire crystal and the ceramic back which makes the Apple watch eye-catching.

A cut above the rest

From the regular smart watches, the Apple watch is different. It is one of the first wearable which has been designed to support mobile payments. The four layer sapphire lens appears to be more robust. For a better experience, a smart digital crown has been installed on the side. With the crown, handling zoom and scroll features have become easy to handle. You can easily choose the apps on the home screen with the dial. The apps can be easily arranged according to your preferences. You can place the favorite apps in the middle so that they are easily accessible. It is being predicted that this device will do well in the mid and premium categories.