The New And Improved Apple iOS8

The world of technology is always changing. This is also true in the world of operating system and the Apple operating system is constantly changing and usually for the better. Apple has recently unveiled a new and improved operating system known as iOS 8. This new operating system is full of new features and the technology is only getting more advanced with every new release. From credit card applications to new privacy features you will find that the iOS8 is the best yet. You will find below many of the new features that this new system will allow for you to perform.

Credit Card Scanning Technology

One of the newest surprised that the iOS8 features are that of a new credit card scanning option. This is available through Safari. How it works is through your iPhone camera. When you are making purchases through a website using e-commerce transactions you have the availability to use your iPhone camera to scan your credit card number. When you are on the website making the purchase you will be prompted to scan at a certain point during the transaction. Once you do that then you will need to complete the new part of passwords and other information for future purchases. This new feature translated the image of your credit card numbers into a character recognition system and therefore reads your credit card numbers the proper way.


Mobile Privacy

It does not matter who you are we are all wanting more privacy in our lives. Apple realizes this and has added options to the Apple iOS8 system to help with this. This feature has not been highly publicized but what it does is that the system generates random media access control addresses when it is working through a Wi-Fi system. This will in turn make it much more difficult for different types of companies such as marketing companies to find your website address. This makes many people very happy. No one likes to have their computers hacked into on a daily basis in order for people to find out information about you.

Other Improved Items With iOS8

As if Apple could not improve any more than they already have with each new and improved system comes new and improved items. One of these items is the battery usage indicator. One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone is that the battery goes dead quickly. This makes it hard for users to know exactly what applications are draining their batteries. With iOS 8, there is a new function that will help to show which apps are costing your battery its juice. Of course, this feature makes users very happy.

Another new addition to the system is a new keyboard. In order to have the best operating iPhone around you need to have a functioning keyboard. With the iOS 8, you will find that you will have an upgrade to the already active predictive typing system. This makes typing much faster and the upgrade will be even more predictive.

One of the most used features on the iPhone is the camera. You will be happy to know that Apple has upgraded the camera again to add additional features to the already great camera. Some of these features are a three-second timer as well as a time-lapse capture feature. You will definitely be impressed with the upgrades to the pictures that you take.

Apple is always out to impress with their products. The iOS 8 system will do just that. The above features are the most popular features that Apple has introduced with their telephones. Of course, there are many more to be discussed. You will find that the more you use the new operating system the happier you will be.