Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup In Search of Promising Innovators

Wearable technologies are fast gaining popularity. They seem to be headed for a great market given the fact that multitasking is required in every walk of life. They are helpful in today’s world, and life has come to a point where you really can’t imagine a day without being surrounded by smart gadgets. This means that while we are doing one work we should be able to do another at the same time timely and effectively. It is here that the Wearable technologies chip in and offer great supports to people perform their duties with perfection.

What is the World Cup About

ST Microelectronics, the one of the best in the field of manufacturing semiconductor devices and a plethora of other electronic devices and applications initiated what is called the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup inviting the companies who are innovators and developers from anywhere in the world. The entries are invited for a period starting from 1st June to 15th November 2014 from all the companies working in the field of wearable technologies specifically dealing in Sports & fitness, Gaming, lifestyle healthcare and safety and security. All the participants are competing for the ‘Innovator of the Year’ prize and a lot of other prizes which can be offered in a lot of other categories as well.

There is a great potential for developing wearable technologies, and we can say that the development done till now is just the tip of the iceberg.

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What to Expect

We often hear about a lot of innovations and specifically about the wearable technologies. However, these products are not economically viable and cannot be used by the common people mainly because of the high cost associated with them. One can know about these products simply by checking on the expert reviews available on different websites.

All the participants of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup get a great platform to interact amongst them and also get access to potential customers for their products across the world. One can see a lot of partnerships developing between companies, all of which in some way, or another is going to benefit the customer.The prizes are worth USD 200,00. One can also see companies going for patent filing after the event.

The current generation is extremely well connected. One can find them glued to the social networking sites and cloud. For them, the entire globe is their playfield and any development or news anywhere in the world takes no more than a few seconds to spread. One of the studies conducted in the year 2013 shows that there is an exponential growth on the internet users across the globe. Technology will rule the coming times, and there is a huge potential for the technology products and innovations.

One of the studies indicates that, by the year 2020, there will no less than 30 billion technology devices and almost all of them will be using the internet to run. They will be producing revenue to the tune of 1.9 trillion USD. CES 2014, an indicator to the technological trends, has shown a number of products for smart phones. However with the Cloud Innovation World Cup, there will be more products which one can enjoy. Some of the participants of the World cup are Cloud World Forum, Continua Health Alliance, Wearable Technologies and Allainz Digital Accelerator.