Technology That Should Be For The Future Already Exists

child on laptopThe world of technology is a growing spot in the world. In fact there are so many different types of technology these days that it is getting hard to keep up with everything that is going on. It seems that as soon as you make an electronics purchase that something newer and better will come along almost the very next day. The truth be told is that there are many different types of technology that have already been developed and are just sitting out there waiting to be released. In this article you will find several examples of the futuristic technology that already exists and what they are all about.

Human Organ Printing

Researchers are always looking for new ways to save the lives of humans. One of the newest ways is by human organ printing. People all over the world are watching their loved ones die. Researchers are now printing artificial organs. Soon to follow will be the heart and the lugs. This is a discovery that will revolutionize the world of modern medicine.

Dynamically Stable Quadruple Robots

One of the newer technologies to be invented is the dynamically stable quadruple robots. These robots look similar to a four-legged animal and can walk and/or run. The good thing about this invention is that they can be used to carry things from place to place for humans.

child on laptop

Prosthetics That Are Controlled By The Brain

Currently the prosthetics that are available to people who need them are controlled by the actual person and that person needs to learn how to use them. With the help of having a chip placed in the brain the chip and the brain will work together to control the prosthetic.

Wireless Power

Almost everyone these days have some sort of device that requires the battery to be charged. If you are tired if carrying around a charger to charge your device you will be happy to know that a solution may be close. It has been demonstrated that having a charger that is wireless can be a true reality. Once this happens then you will no longer have the nuisance of being tied down to a charger.

Retinal Implants

A retinal implant is an idea that will help a person who is blind be able to see again. Many people believe that this is something that cannot be completed. The good news is that in Germany there are scientists who have been able to create these retinal implants and they have worked.

Hologram Televisions

Everyone has seen the ability of hologram televisions in the Hollywood movies but many people think that this is a technology that is something that will not be seen until our grandchildren are old enough to enjoy it. However it could be as soon as 2017 as there are already prototypes created.

Cloaking Devices

The idea of having a cloak that will make you invisible is not just for Harry Potter anymore. Many believe that this is a device that will probably be left to the imagination. The truth is that in the United Kingdom the scientists have been busy. They have been able to make a paperclip disappear by using Meta materials.

Hover Cars

Can a hover car really exist? Many believe that they cannot and should be left to exist only in the movies. What many people do not know is that Israeli scientists have recently created vehicles for army evacuations that are not occupied and are unarmed.

Iron Man

An iron man is considered a superhero and many will think of a super hero in the movies. In reality an iron man is a suit that is powerful and can give a person additional strength to be used for jumping, running or lifting something heavy. These suits have already been invented and could possibly be for sale to the public soon.

Force Fields

Impregnable devices are something that the Army wants to embrace strongly. It has always been a pipe dream to have a force field to protect its forces. Well the good news is that the Army can stop wishing and dreaming. The United Kingdom scientists have been busy and have actually created this device. It is a device based on electromagnetic signals.

This article shows you that there are many scientists working on inventions that we never thought would exist. The world of technology is always changing and is changing for the better every day.

Image credits to : ram reddy