The World Of 3D Printing

The world of technology continues to grow everyday.  Having extreme growth on a daily basis allows for many companies to also expand on a daily basis.  One of these newer technologies that are growing in popularity is 3D printing.  It has become so popular that it is now involved in the gaming world and has its own store on Amazon.

What Is 3D Printing

3D printing is a newer concept in the way of printing.  It is a process that is making three-dimensional solid objects from a file that is digital.  This 3D printed object is created by using an additive process which means the creation is formed by laying down layers of material consecutively until the object is created in full.  When looking at these layers of material you can see that they are cut very thin and horizontally through the entire object.

To create these objects it starts with making a virtual design of what the object is to be created.  This design is created using a computer-aided design.  If you are creating an original object it is made by use of a computer aided design file within a 3D modeling program.  However if the object is already created the use of a 3D scanner can be used to copy the existing object.  Once it is copied it can be put into the 3D modeling program and printed from there.

3D printing technology

Amazon Getting Into The 3D Printing Action

If someone is looking for a certain object to purchase one of the first places they will probably look is at Amazon.  Amazon is known to have all sorts of items and is the kind of marketplace that is on demand.  Once you order something from them it can be shipped within a couple of days so you get your product quickly.  The good news is that the online retailer continues to grow by introducing the “on demand” 3D printing product to the rapidly growing marketplace.

The 3D Printing Store

The 3D printing store is just what it sounds like.  It is a store where you can select and customize the products that you want produced.  Once that step is completed then it is printed and delivered to you quickly.  This is a relatively new store that Amazon is offering and features dozens of different types of items to be printed.  Examples of these items are jewelry, IPhone cases, home décor items, buying toys as gifts, pieces of art and even bobble heads.  The bobble heads can even be customized to look like you.  The prices of the objects are not too costly.  Most pieces you will find cost less than $40 with the exception of jewelry.  Often times these items can cost $100 or more.

Printing Companies

It is important to point out that Amazon is really not doing the printing themselves.  Instead they have partnered with several different companies that specialize in 3D printing.  These professional printers include companies such as Sculpteo, MixeeLabs and 3DLT.  How this partnership works is that Amazon is selling the 3D products and services offered by these other companies.

Additional Services

If one of the companies offers additional services that are related to the 3D printing it is possible that these are also services that Amazon can offer to its customers.  An example of one of these services is that there are companies who allow you to add custom touches to the product.  Many of these options are custom text, color changes and being able to alter the design elements.

Amazon is a great resource to head to when you are looking for your every day products or even something that is in a specialized field such as 3D printing.  For more information you can research 3D printing on