What Does WRD Mean on Snapchat?

Has the term WRD on Snapchat left you pondering what it means? 

Well, encountering such acronyms on Snapchat is quite normal, as users often use them. But these terms left many people confused about a lot of things like how they respond to it, what the user intends to say, etc.

Some of the randomly used slang on Snapchat are WYA, WTM, KMS, LMS, WYD, TLDR and currently, WDR.

wrd mean on snapchat

Has this term also left you in that dilemma? If yes, please read further because this article has covered what does wrd mean on Snapchat. We’ll provide examples and show you how to use them in conversations.

Meaning of WRD on Snapchat 

On Snapchat, the social media slang WRD is used to express shock or agree with what someone said. “It’s like using ‘really‘ to ask or agree in a conversation. People often use this in casual chats to encourage interaction and discussions.

How WRD is Used on Snapchat?

As I said, WRD can be used for several reasons. So, let’s have a look at it with examples.

WRD as Weird

When people use wrd to say weird, they refer to something strange or unusual. 

Wrd as weird

Let’s understand with some examples – 

Example 1

  • Ryan: I watched that movie last night, and it was wrd.
  • Rachel: What was so weird about it?
  • Ryan: The theme. The movie was about talking animals who could use time machines.

Example 2

  • Rick: Hey buddy, I have something to tell you. 😀
  • Victor: Go ahead. 
  • Rick: I picked up a wrd hobby recently. 😀
  • Victor: What’s that? 
  • Rick: I collect stones from lakes and rivers. 

Example 3

  • Cook: Did you see what our boss was wearing today? 
  • Peter: Yeah, it was literally wrd. Bright-orange pants with blue-dot shirt. Yuckk..! 

In all these examples, wrd is used to say something peculiar, or you can say abnormal.  

 WRD as Word

Yeah.. the term wrd on Snapchat express agreement to something. It’s kind of a way to say, “I agree.” 

Wrd as word

Let’s understand in detail with some examples – 

Example 1 

  • Kyle: This new movie is the best I’ve seen in my entire life. 
  • StevenWrd. Couldn’t agree more. When I watched this movie, I was kinda amazed by its plot. The acting and script were also great. It was literally fantastic. 

Example 2 – 

  • Kyle: Kindness can make the world a better place. 
  • StevenWrd.! We need more of that in today’s world. 

Example 3 – 

  • Kyle: We should definitely attend that webinar.
  • StevenWrd.! I’ve been thinking the same.

WRD as Shock

In the context of shock, people use this when they encounter something unexpected or shocking. 

Wrd as shocking

For example – 

Example 1 

  • Alena: I overheard the boss is resigning next month. 😫
  • RoseWrd? Seriously? 

Example 2 

  • Alena: Guess what? Hudson just proposed to me. 
  • DavidWrd
  • Alena: Yep, not kidding..! 

WRD as What’s Really Doing

It’s a way of asking someone how they are doing or what’s happening in their life. People generally use this for casual greetings, starting conversations, and checking what the person is doing and whether they are okay. 

Wrd as what's really doing

Let’s understand with some examples –

Casual greetings 

Example 1 – Hey, haven’t talked in a while! WRD?

Example 2 – Morning Ryan. WRD on this morning?

Conversation starter

Example 1 – Hey, it’s been ages. WRD these days? 

Example 2 – Hey, long time no chat.! WRD at the office lately? 

Checking in 

Hey David. I’ve been thinking about your mountaineering. WRD? How are you feeling? Everything okay? 

Frequently asked questions –

What does wrd mean in texting?

Wrd in texting refers to a lot of things, including shock, agreement, and a strange situation. Sometimes, people also use this to ask the person what they are doing.

How can you respond to wrd on Snapchat?

Responding to wrd on Snapchat is subjective, as different people react in different manners. So it’s your call how you wanna respond.

Where can you use wrd on Snapchat?

You can use wrd on Snapchat wherever you want in these situations – 
● When you’re in shock or agreement with something. 
● When you encounter something strange and wanna ask what someone is doing.

Wrapping up…

So, you have understood the meaning of WRD and how it is used on Snapchat

WRD on Snapchat refers to a lot of things, but your responses to it totally depend on the context. Once you understand all the situations when it can be used, you can use it on your Snapchat, too. 

So, understanding its meaning before using or responding to it is highly advisable. The rest is your choice.