What Does LMS Mean on Snapchat?

Ever received a Snapchat message with slang like “LMS” Or seen a story consisting of this term?

The world of social media platforms holds a universe of short forms. LMS is one of those terms which is used by many, but only a few know its meaning.

Do you also not know what it refers to? Pondering what does LMS means on Snapchat, why people are using it, whether they are trying to say something funny or what, etc.

what does lms mean on snapchat

If yes, stop scratching your head over its meaning and usage because you have this article. It’ll answer all the questions related to this acronym. You just read on.

What does LMS mean on Snapchat?

The acronym LMS doesn’t refer to a single thing. It refers to many things, so the meaning depends on where it is used and what the user wants to say.

Confused? No worries, let’s understand in detail –

  • Like my story

If the user has posted a story and has written LMS on it, it probably refers to “like my status.” He is asking the viewer to like what he has posted.

Or if the person is chatting with you and saying anything like “LMS. I’ve just posted a story,” he is asking you to like it.

  • Let me see

This is the meaning that is generally used in chats.

For instance –

John –  Just got back from the concert.
Mitchell – LMS those pics you took.
  • Your rabbits are so cute. LMS their photos.

As you see, in the example, LMS is used as let me see.

  • Last Man Standing

Yes.. LMS is also used as an acronym for the last man standing. It can be used in a story and chats where the person wants to refer to the last man standing.

For example –

“See the LMS in this pic. He is so cute.”
“The competition in the school was fierce. Who was our LMS in the show?”
  • Let me stop

Using LMS as Let me stop means that something is so amusing or entertaining that the listener needs a pause or break in a conversation.

For example –

Rocky – “I can’t believe how crazy my day has been. I missed my train, lost my favorite pen, and got caught in the rain.”
Nimita – “LMS, before I burst out laughing..!”
  • Love myself

Using the LMS acronym as love myself is a way to express self-acceptance.

For instance –

  • If the person has shared a snap of himself doing something that brings him relaxation or joy with a caption like “taking time for me. #LMS,” you can consider its meaning “love myself.”
  • Let me Smash

This meaning of LMS is generally considered vulgar and inappropriate.

  • Let’s Meet Sundays

Using LMS as let’s meet Sundays refers to the person suggesting a regular weekly get-together.

  • Little Man syndrome

Sometimes, people also use LMS for saying “last man syndrome.”

Little man syndrome is a psychological condition in which a person, typically a man of shorter stature, compensates for feelings of insecurity or inadequacy by displaying overly aggressive behavior.

For example –

  • ” Don’t let your LMS show just because I beat you in the game.”
  • ” Have you noticed Harry? His constant domination in conversations is a case of LMS.”
  • Last movie syndrome

It is the meaning people use to indicate the significant impact of a movie or something like that on the mind.

For example –

  • If someone says,” Just watched omg. It’s mind blowing. I guess I have got LMS now,” you can assume that he is talking about the last movie syndrome.
  • Lost my shit

This meaning is used to describe situations where people feel overwhelmed, surprised,  frustrated, or in an unexpected way.

For example –

  • “When I saw the surprise party, I LMS.”
  • “That joke was funny, I nearly LMS.”

These are some common meanings people generally refer to when they use LMS on Snapchat. But some meanings aren’t widely used.

A short list of those are –

  • Let’s Motivate Success, Let’s Manage stress, Let’s Mock someone, Let’s Master Sudoku, Let’s Munch something, etc.

How can you understand how the user has used LMS?

You need to notice some of the following things to know how the person has used this acronym because it has many meanings.

  • Surroundings Words

Notice the words that are being used with LMS.

Let’s understand this with some examples –

  • “It’s been a long time since we met. LMS.”

In this example, it’s clear that the person is talking about a meeting. So the meaning he wants to convey is “let’s meet sundays.”

  • “LMS, I’m curious to see your artwork.”
    • Here, Lms is used for “let me see.” The sentence itself shows that the person is talking about seeing something. Just think, can the user here refer to “like my status, let me see, ” or any other meaning of LMS? No.. right?
  • Topic of conversation

See what you were previously talking about because, generally, conversations go in flow. So, your topic of conversation can help you understand the concept.

For instance –

  • Suppose you were talking about the story of the person. And he says something like, “LMS, I want to increase my engagement,” this would refer to “like my story.”
  • The tone of the conversation

The tone of the conversation can help you determine its meaning.

For example –

  • If the conversation has a serious tone, “LMS” might indicate a request for information or clarification.
    • For instance, “LMS more details about the project.”
  • If the conversation is in a Humorous Tone, LMS might indicate “let me stop” or other playful meanings.
    • For example, “LMS, I can’t handle your jokes anymore.”
  • Visual Cues

Visual cues can also help you understand the meaning of LMS on Snapchat.

People also use visual elements like emojis, images, etc., that convey some meanings. So, if any emojis or other element is attached to LMS, consider that too while interpreting its meaning.

Note – If the meaning is unclear despite considering all these factors, I suggest you ask the user what he means.

How can you use LMS on Snapchat?

The use depends on how you want to use it. You can fit it anywhere where you think its meaning is relevant.

Here are some examples of how you can use it –

If you want to see your friend’s dog, you can say something like “LMS your dog.”

If you want to boost engagement on your story, you say write something like “Hey, LMS and I’ll like yours.”

If you want to tell your friend that the last movie you have seen is still in your mind, you can say, ” Can’t get over that movie. I guess I have got LMS.”

Just like these examples, you can use LMS where you want. You just need to ensure it gives the correct meaning wherever you use it.

Where can you use LMS on Snapchat?

You can use LMS on Snapchat in various places. Here’s a short list of that –

1. Status Updates

Snapchat allows users to post stories that their friends can view.

In this context, you can use “LMS” to indicate something you want your friends to ‘like.’

2. Captioning Snaps

When you send a snap to your friends, you can add captions to provide context or express your thoughts.

3. Engaging Conversations

Snapchat also supports private messaging and group chats. In these conversations, you can use LMS as part of the text to say whatever you want.

Frequently asked questions –

What does LMS mean in a text?

Let me see is the most common meaning of LMS in texts. However, this doesn’t mean LMS always means “let me see” in text. It can also refer to other meanings.

What does LMS mean on Instagram?

LMS on Instagram means the same as on Snapchat.

What is LMS on social media?

Lms on social media indicate many things like – like my status, let me see, let me stop, love myself, let’s meet Sundays, lost my shit, etc. 

End Note

Just imagine you open your Snapchat, expecting casual chats, but someone uses LMS, and you don’t know its meaning. You might feel irritated after this.

But now, you don’t have to deal with this situation anymore because I have shared all its possible meanings and contexts in which it can be used.

You just need to implement the knowledge you have gained in this article, and all will be set. You can even use the same acronym whenever you want.

And if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask in the comments; I would love to answer.