What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Fully Explained

In the age of digital conversations, our screens are constantly flooded with abbreviations that leave many people curious. 

One such abbreviation is “KMS.” 

After encountering it, questions like the ones given below swirl through the minds of many people. 

kms meaning on snapchat
  • What does KMS mean on Snapchat?  
  • How should you respond to it? 
  • How can I use it to look cooler on Snapchat? 

Have you also scratched your head wondering about these questions? If yes, stop doing it now because this article answers all these questions. 

Here, we’ll explore all the contexts in which it’s used. Along with that, we’ll also tell you how you can incorporate the term “KMS” on Snapchat. So just read on – 

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat? 

KMS on Snapchat usually means Kill Myself, “Killing myself“. It is mostly used to seek attention or reactions. It may be a genuine cry for help. It can also mean “Know My Shit“, “Kiss My Shoes“, “Keep My Secrets

Let’s talk about each in detail – 

Kill Myself 

KMS is most commonly used to say “kill myself” to –

  •  Express extreme emotions like sadness, anger, frustration. 

For example – “That traffic jam was so hectic. Just wanted to KMS at that time.”

  • Seek attention or support.

Many people experience genuine emotional distress and hope that by sharing their feelings, they can feel better. So, they use KMS to reach out for support.

For example – “Idk what’s happening in my life. Thinking to KMS.”

Kms as kill myself
  • Sometimes, the person also uses it in a playful manner. 

Know My Shit

KMS as “know my shit” is typically used when someone wants to show their expertise. 

For example – 

  •  “I really KMS when it comes to marketing.” 
  • “Don’t worry; I can handle this. I KMS when it comes to data analysis.” 
Kms as know my shit

Kiss My Shoes

People use KMS to say “kiss my shoes” to convey a sense of arrogance. They want to show superiority or disregard for other people’s opinions/actions. And that’s why this meaning of KMS is also considered disrespectful. 

For example – 

  • “Oh, you don’t like my dress? Well, you can just KMS.”
  •  “Come on, I nailed that shot. KMS, champ!” 
  •  “My scripts are great. You can KMS if you disagree.” 

Keep My Secrets

Using KMS as “keep my secrets” is used to ask someone to keep something confidential. It is kinda a request to maintain privacy. 

For example – 

  • “This stays between us, right? You know I trust you to KMS.” 
Kms as keep my secrets

Keep my Stuff

People use this meaning of KMS to make clear that they expect their belongings to be left untouched. 

For example – 

  • A person who doesn’t like anyone to touch their stuff behind their back might say, “I’ll be right back, please KMS while I’m gone. I don’t want anyone touching my things.” 

Many people also use this to ask someone to safeguard their things so that others don’t touch or misplace them. 

For example – 

  •  “Hey Ashu, I’m going out for a day. Can you KMS?” 

Apart from these meanings, some people also use KMS to say “kiss my ass.” It is a vulgar phrase that people use to insult someone or express contempt. Sometimes, people also use it to tell someone to leave them alone. 

For example – 

  • “You know what? You can just KMS if you’re going to be disrespectful like that.” 
Kms as kick my ass

In this example, the person is asking the other person to go away in response to their disrespectful behavior. 

How to reply when someone says KMS on Snapchat? 

Before responding to the text, it would be better to understand how the person has used it. To do that, assess the context first. Understand what you were talking about with the person and in what tone he has said KMS. 

Once you get it, respond appropriately. 

Here are some examples of some responses that you can make – 

  •  If the meaning is know my shit, you can acknowledge their skills with respect. 
  •  If the meaning is kiss my shoes and is used in a playful or light-hearted manner, you can respond in the same tone without engaging in confrontation. 
  • If the person is asking you to keep their secrets, you can reassure them by saying something like, “Yes, I’ll not divulge any of your secrets. Don’t worry.” 
Reply to kms as keep my secrets
  • If KMS is related to safeguarding belongings, you can respond with reassurance if you are okay with keeping their stuff. Otherwise, you can respectfully deny it. 
  • But if its meaning is kill myself, don’t take it so lightly. It can also be a cry for help. So pay attention to the context. Help the person and encourage them to seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist if you feel anything is wrong.

And if the tone is playful or the person is not that serious, you can respond in a friendly manner. 

Note – If you’re unable to interpret the meaning of KMS, simply ask the user. It’s far better than misunderstanding what they are saying. 

How can you use KMS on Snapchat? 

Using KMS on Snapchat depends on where and how you want to use it. 

For example – if you are stressed, you can say KMS to vent out your frustration and tell the other person how irritated you are. 

Or if you want someone to safeguard your stuff, you can say something like, “Hey Param, can you please KMS? I have to go somewhere urgently.” 

Like these examples, you can use KMS wherever you think it is relevant. 

Don’t think much before using it; it’s simple. You can easily do it. 

Final Words

“KMS” is one of those mysterious abbreviations that leaves many netizens puzzled. They are just left confused about what it means, how I should reply to it, etc. 

Were you in this confusion, too? Is this confusion clear now? Have you got answers to all your questions? 

If yes, please share this article with your friends so they can also clear all their queries regarding KMS. 

And if not, feel free to comment down the question that is still running through your head. We’ll answer ASAP.