What Does WTM Mean on Snapchat?

Was talking to a friend on Snapchat and received WTM in a message? It’s one of the acronyms on social media platforms that leave many people wondering, “What the hell does it mean?” 

Has it also made you feel like you’re missing out a lot in this ever-evolving world of Snapchat? 

As a Snapchat user, we all have been there where we are just left scratching our heads. I’ve also been in that situation. However, after extensive searching for its meaning, I found many contexts in which people use it. 

wtm mean on snapchat

And in this article, I’m going to tell what does WTM mean on Snapchat and how you can use it to respond to someone. This article has got you covered. Just read on – 

Meaning of WTM on Snapchat? 

On Snapchat, “WTM” typically means “What’s the Move?” It can also mean “What’s The Matter?,” or “Whatever That Means.” Always look at the context of the conversation to figure out the most suitable meaning.

Use of WTM on Snapchat

The abbreviation “WTM” conveys a particular feeling about making choices and expressing concern and uncertainty. Based on that, I have described all the 3 meanings of WTM.

What’s the Move 

It is typically used when the user wants to know what plans you have or what you are going to do. 

For example – If a friend texts you “WTM?” on a Sunday night, they are most probably asking you about what you are going to in the night.

 Wtm as What's the Move 

What’s the matter

This meaning of WTM refers to the situation when the user is concerned about your well-being or mental/emotional state. It’s basically a way of asking whether something is bothering you. 

For example – If you are not in a great mood, your friend notices it, and they text you WTM? So they simply want to ask you about what’s bothering you. 

WTM as What's the matter on snapchat

Whatever that means 

This meaning of WTM refers to when the person is unsure or doesn’t fully understand the meaning of something they have encountered. 

It’s a way of accepting that they don’t know what a particular thing means. 

For example – If the user says WTM when you use KMS, they mean that they don’t know what KMS means and needs clarification. 

How to Reply when Someone says WTM? 

Replying to this acronym is easy. But firstly, be clear about what the user intends to say, and after that, follow up with your reply. 

  • If someone’s meaning is what’s the move, you can reply by telling them what you are planning to do. 
  • If they mean what’s the matter, you can share your situation with them. 
  • If they mean whatever that means, you can explain what you meant by that specific thing. 

The rest is your choice. You can reply however you are comfortable. 

When can you use WTM on Snapchat? 

WTM is a versatile acronym that you can use in a variety of situations. 

Here’s a short list of those situations –

  • To plan something with someone. 
  • To check someone’s well-being. 
  • To show that you care for the next person. 
  • To seek clarification about whatever you haven’t understood. 
  • You can use it when you want to let someone know that you care for them, etc.

Frequently asked questions 

What does WTM mean on whatsapp?

WTM on whatsapp means the same as on snapchat – what’s the matter, what’s the move and whatever that means.

What does WTM mean from a girl?

The meaning of WTM remains the same irrespective of who has sent it. 

To Sum Up

The meaning of WTM on Snapchat remains puzzling as it varies with the context in which it’s used. 

If you can understand the context, you can not only get what the person has said, but you can also respond to it accurately and use it wherever you wish. So focus on getting what it means.