How To Track Your Sleep And See How Well You Sleep At Night

If you are the type of person who does not sleep well at night there are many different things that can help you to figure out why and to track exactly what kind of sleep you are getting. You might have to get used to wearing different items strapped to you on different parts of your body but you will be able to see what kind of sleep you are getting during REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. Often times you can get this information through your smartphone. This is known as connected sleep. It will give you the option of turning the information regarding your movements, heart rates and breathing information into data that can be retrieved on your smartphone when the sun comes up and you drag yourself out of bed.

Wear A Monitor On Your Wrist

One of the newer pieces of technology that will help to monitor your activities while you sleep is the Basis Carbon Steel watch. This is a watch that will monitor your heart rate and will sensor all motions. You will see that it will collect the sleep data better than other popular fitness trackers. The difference is the other trackers only rely on motion sensors. Once you have synced your watch with your iPhone or your Android phone the Basis watch app will give you all the information you need such as your overall sleep score, how long you slept and what amount of time you spent sleeping in each stage of sleep. This watch will give you the information you need it might take some getting used to because most of us are not used to sleeping with something big and bulky on our wrist.

Heart Rate Monitor

There are other ways to monitor your sleep and your sleep patterns other than through a watch. Another option is through a heart rate monitor that attaches to your chest. This product is known as SleepRate and can also determine your sleep cycles and patterns. However the bad news is that it will definitely take some getting used. This is because the bedtime routine will be made longer since you have to attach electrodes to your chest and then make sure the app on your phone is synced to the Bluetooth to make it work. So much for the relaxing bedtime routine. However the good news is that the uncomfortable night of sleep will give way to an enormous amount of sleep data that can be very useful. This product will show you your sleep patterns as well as if anything woke you up during the night. Once all data has been collected it will give you advice such as going to bed earlier.

sleep tracker

The Mattress Can Monitor You As Well

If wearing a device does not sound appealing to you there is a pad that is made by Withings Aura that you can place underneath your bedding that will monitor your body movement, breathing cycles and heart rate. Once it has the information collected it will transfer the data to your smartphone. Compared to the other products this one falls behind on the data that it collects and the sleep reviews that it gives however it is much more comfortable than wearing a device on your body such as a watch or a monitor on your chest.

Knowing what kind of sleep patterns and habits you have when you sleep is important information to know. However getting that information can be very uncomfortable. The items listed below are only a few of the sleep monitors that are available to you to purchase. There are many others as well. It is up to you to do the research involved to discover which item would be the best for you.