The New Design Of The iPhone 6 Makes For Easier Repairs

We all need to face the fact that even the most technologically advanced devices are going to break and will need to be repaired. It does not matter who the manufacturer of the device is things happen and there is not one product that is going to last forever. Many people seem to think that the Apple products are indestructible but we all know they are not. For this reason Apple decided to redesign that iPhone 6. This new design will allow for the device to be taken apart easier and parts replaces easier. To see what has changed with this device please read on into the article below.

The Home Button

With the previous models of the iPhone the home button was always in danger of being torn out when the front panel was opened up to make repairs. With the new design of the iPhone 6 this is not longer the case. You will still need to remove the two pentalobe screws that are found along the bottom edge of the device and you will need a special screwdriver to do this but the ribbon cable that connects the home button has been relocated so the chance of this happening is slim.

Interior Design

The basic interior design of the iPhone 6 has not change much but there are several small changes that unless you have a trained eye you will not notice. For example when the phone is opened up you will see that there is a speaker and a connector for the lighting along the bottom. The battery is located along the left side and the main circuit board is on the right side with the camera at the top. When looking at the front display it will look like nothing has changed with the display, speaker for the earpiece and the home button. A few of the changes that are small but noticeable is there is a new metal plate and a cable that is located behind the screen. The motor for the vibration has been moved to the bottom and the power button was moved to the right side rather than on the top where it was previously located. The changes that were made to the interior are minor changes but will be noticeable.

iPhone 6

System Board

When we start speaking about the main system board of the iPhone you will see that the shape of it is very similar to the previous shape of the iPhone. The difference is that it has a section that is horizontal across the top of the phone that is much larger than before. The other main difference is that the shield that protects the motherboard of the phone is soldered into place there for making it difficult to get into the heart of the device.

Phone Operations

There are many different factors that have changed when looking at the operations of the phone. For example the battery is not a much higher capacity than before. The iSight camera is now covered with a metal bracket instead of the rubber flap that was thin and not very secure. And there are now models of the iPhone 6 that will include twice the storage capacity that the older iPhone models or even the basic model of the iPhone 6.

Even thought the look of the iPhone 6 is basically the same only larger you will find that the design and the construction of the device involving a larger screen, a new body design and many different, new or relocated inside parts all add up to a well liked product that is bound to sell well in today’s market.