Analyzing The Demand Of Iphone 6 With Help Of Google

The company of apple has reputation for presenting the world with some of the best phones. The series of phone launched by this company have always experienced success. Few days back, the news of the launch for the latest product from the house of apple was announced in the market. It has given a rise in the pre-order demands. The company is claiming the model of iPhone 6 to be the most popular in the market. It has broken the popularity record of its ancestors. However, this is the announcement made by the company in their sales figure. Detailing comparison of the sales figure with other models is not possible. It is because the company always presents cumulative data of their sales figure rather than the sales figure for the individual models.

Taking help of Google

The name of Google is well known in the online world. The tools developed in sync with the search engine of Google are used to draw a comparison between the popularity of iPhone6 along with the others. This search engine is used by majority of the online population. Thus, drawing the data of the search for the different models can present you with hints about the popularity of the product. The tool used for this purpose is Google Trends. The final result shows that iPhone6 is indeed the most searched model till date. A comparison made with the latest range of phones from this company with exclusion of older ones. It is because the tool only allows five products to be compared for search results.

The steady increase

The iPhone is still the most popular product that is introduced by apple. The sales record for this phone is always on the higher side. With the new product, the records will be even higher. There is some time left in marketing of the product. However, it is expected that within the shipping period the demand with further increase. In the initial period, the search result for this model was zero. Then the result was not promising with the highest search being two. However, by the end of the month the search result quickly escalated to hundred. The numbers are still growing.

handy with Iphone 6

Boost in sales

This new phone is developed using latest technologies. The look of the product is simply gorgeous. The hint of the product has already added a great boost to the sales figure of Apple. The launch will make the figure go sky high. It is judged, from the huge demand of the pre-order for this product. Analysts fear that the demand of the product may give rise to inadequate supply from the company. However, one thing for certain that the sales of 2014 will break the records of 2013.

Some more notes

The customers started visiting the website of apple to set the pre-order. The official website crushed the online website for a long period. Even after reviving, the pre-order service was not active. The situation was similar for the other carriers selling the product of iPhone 6.