10 Google Apps Tips And Tricks For Better Productivity

1. It is very convenient if we have a look at our schedule beforehand in the day, makes time management easier. This very task can successfully be accomplished by Google Calendar; this app sends you an email daily listing all your important meetings and commitments for the day. The mail usually is delivered at 5 a.m. you just have to click on the notifications and select “Daily agenda” from it then you can select email in the “choose how you would like to be notified” section, save the whole deal, and you are good to go.

2. Many of us operate Gmail from various devices and often forget to log out in case that happens you can go down to the bottom of the page and see for details, of the last activity it will let you know if your account is open somewhere else. On the same pop up, there will be an option for you permanently to log out.

3. Now there are times when we are travelling and do not have access to the internet Google has made it possible for us to access the calendar even then. All you have to do is download Google Chrome Browser and then by clicking on the “gear” option choose offline from the menu in front of you. Once it is done it will enable you to get access to Google Calendar even if you are offline by downloading an app of the same name from Chrome Web Store. As soon as the app is installed a new tab will pop up on which there will be an icon of the Google Calendar. See if next to it there is a box it should have a checkmark on it. This checkmark represents that your calendar is ready to be accessed and used offline. However, if the sync is not complete you will see a green revolving circle.

Kids doing fun with apps

4. Gmail has come up with a fun app that sends an auto response to anyone who sends you an email while you are on vacation informing them of the same that you are on vacation and can not check the mails now.  You will find the “vacation responder” under the “General tab” option which is in “settings.” You can customize the response as per your requirement, all the response emails then will read the same reply and once you have inserted the matter and period, time, term just click save and it will be activated.

5. There is even provision in the apps to let you see appointments you have within a specific time frame. You can find this option under “Gear” icon where under “Labs” you will find the “hide morning and night” option which when you enable and save you will have this service running. For adjusting the time range, you can go to the grey colored bar you see on top, to adjust the starting time and for the end time go to the same bar but on the bottom of the page.

6. When you are talking on Gmail whatever conversation you have it gets stored in the chat history of that contact so if you do not want that conversation to be saved just click on the “go off the record” option, you can find it on the “action” option on a top of the page. This will just not store the conversation for you but the other person may choose to save it and they can.

7. If you missed on making some additions to the“to do” list, you can easily do so with your phone. You can find this option in “Settings” where you will have a “mobile setup” option, clicking on which you can enter your specifics; you will shortly receive the verification on your phone, and when you enter that code you setup will be completed. After the setup is done, you can send the additions to your account via text from your phone.

8. When you want to send a number of files at once through Gmail, you can select all the files at once by holding down the Ctrl key or the shift key.

9. The people you are in contact with over Gmail are listened on the left hand side and when you click on their name you get all the information about them like their email id, their recent posts, listed profession, and so forth if you want to remove this feature you can go to “settings” and select “hide people widget” from the “gear option.” Once you save the changes you are good to go.

10. When you know you will be unavailable for a particular period then you can enable an app that will decline any addition in that time frame, for doing so you go to “Labs” select “automatic declining events,” once you enable this and save it the app will start running.