Is The Bigger iPhone 6 Really Better

iPhone 6 crazeWhen purchasing a new cell phone or even a tablet one of the first things people will usually consider is how big or small the device is. After all when you are speaking of an electronic device size usually does matter and it is a personal preference. In fact the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, once was quoted by saying “No one is going to buy a big phone”. And now Apple has released the bigger iPhone 6 Plus which is the largest phone that the company has ever designed.

Is Bigger Really Better

When you are trying to decide is bigger is really better when considering a larger cell phone you will want to consider every aspect of the telephone. The way to do this is to do a comparison of the phone. This article from New scitech will help you to do just that.

The Material The Phone Is Made From

The material that the telephone is made from will tell you many different things. It will give you an idea of how long the device will last, how easy it will be to handle and maybe the most important subject is how heavy the device will be when holding it or carrying it around with you.

iPhone 6 craze

The body of the cell phone is now made of aluminum that curves around and up the sides giving the phone a sleek appearance which is the first thing that is usually noticed about the iPhone.

The screen on the front of the cell phone is also made differently than it was before. The glass is an ion-strengthened glass which is also curved to meet the same shape as the aluminum body of the device. This makes the phone feel like it is all one piece of material and not several different pieces.

All of the material changes make the phone feel great when it is being held in your hand or even in your pocket. However if you prefer the smaller telephones this one is probably not for you.

The Size And Quality Of The Screen

With a bigger device you will be almost certain that you will get a bigger screen. This holds true with the iPhone 6 Plus. When compared to the iPhone 5s the screen is a little over an inch and a half larger. Not only is it larger but also the quality is much brighter as well as having a sharper look to it. These all work together to make the colors seem much more realistic and vivid. You will take notice of this most when you are looking at pictures.

The Camera

When comparing the camera of this phone to others you will notice that this camera will win every time. This is because it comes with something new called Focus Pixels. This is a new sensor that allows for the autofocus to work quicker for better photos. This will give you the one up on others when you are uploading to social media sites.

The Disadvantage Of The iPhone 6 Plus

When comparing the iPhone 6 Plus to other devices that are similar the only disadvantage that can be found is the size of this new model. Many people might be drawn to it because of the size but once you start to use it you might decide that the size is a definite disadvantage. Many people like to be able to use their cell phones with one hand and this one makes that a little difficult unless of course you have very large hands.

Purchasing a new cell phone device is a personal preference. People have different likes and wants when it comes to the size and the shape of the phone. It is suggested that before you purchase the iPhone 6 Plus that you test it out as well as how it functions while in the store. You can then decide if you like it or not.

Image credits to Richard Schwalk