Cool Halloween Apps For Your Android

Halloween is a fun time of the year and there are many different Halloween apps out there and available for the different types of cell phones. Of course most people think the cool apps are only for the Apple products but there are also cool apps for the Android. Keep reading to find out about these apps that will allow you to celebrate this unique holiday with a collection of apps, games and even wallpaper.

Wallpapers And Ringtones For Halloween

If you have the urge to decorate your smartphone for Halloween and have an Android be prepared to find out that you have many options available when it comes to wallpaper and ringtones. There are many different apps for you to find Halloween themed wallpaper for your phone. A couple of these are Halloween HD Live Wallpaper, Halloween Live Wallpaper or Halloween Live Wallpaper. You will be happy to find that most of the apps for wallpaper are going to cost you nothing, as they are completely free.

Another awesome app for your smartphone that pertains to Halloween is GO Launcher EX Theme Halloween. This app will give your phone the perfect look for the holiday celebrated at the end of October. You will need to install GO Launcher EX on your device to make this app work. But once you have it you will be pleased by all of the options that you will be able to obtain such as GO SMS Happy Halloween Theme. This will even give you the option of a Halloween Themed keyboard as well as free scary Halloween ringtones.

Halloween apps

There are other ringtone options available for your smartphone such as Horror Movie Ringtones. This will cost you around $1.50 but will give you the option of having up to forty-five different Halloween themed ringtones. Before proceeding with these apps you should be sure that you are familiar with how to set up ringtones on your smartphone. Otherwise you might be spending money on something you may not even use.

Costume Help From Your Android

Your smartphone can even help you to get the spookiest costume. You can shop through online apps to find that perfect costume and once you have it there are even apps that can help to give you step by step video instruction of how to do your make up.   One app that can help you with this is Horror Makeup Free. This will give you video as well as photographs instructions to help make black eyes, zombies, cuts, etc. There is also another app that will give you instructions for over one hundred different designs for different occasions such as Halloween. It is called Fantasy Makeup.

Parties, Pumpkin Carving, Movies And Games

Of course the fun does not stop there when it comes to the different things the apps can help you with. There is an app called 101 Pumpkin Carving Ideas. This is the best place to start when you have your pumpkin and you are ready to start carving. From there you can use your Android to find apps that will help you to plan a Halloween party and find recipes that your guests will enjoy. This app is known as Halloween Recipes Book App. For those who do not plan on getting dressed up and trick or treating you will find that your smart phone app will also give you plenty of ideas for movies and games to enjoy during the Halloween season. A great place to start is 100 Horror Films or even Free Horror Movie Classics. As for games there are many different free apps or apps that will cost you a small amount that will give you thrills and chills while you play. Examples of these are Spooky Manor, which will cost about $1.15 or the basic app called Halloween Games. Either way you will not be disappointed.

No matter what kind of Halloween fun you are looking for there is bound to be an app for it. You just need to be familiar with adding apps to your phone and decide how much you want to spend. Once you have this decided you can enjoy the apps that you install on your smart phone.