Google Maps Gets Smarter Everyday

Google MapWhen someone is speaking of Google Maps what is being spoken about is a mapping tool that can come in handy when you are creating a blog or a website. This mapping tool will help you to add interactive maps into the website and blog that you are creating.

When you are using this mapping application you will find that you will have the ability to do several different things. You will be able to give directions to your business, show routes that you have already traveled or wish to travel, you will be able to highlight a certain area and show the boundaries and you will also be able to add missing pieces into Google Maps to make your map complete.

Giving Directions

If you are a business owner one of the top things that is important to you is letting people know where you are located. Many businesses often post an image of a local map with the location labeled on it. However this is not always the most helpful way. A Google Map will allow you to pinpoint your location and then put it on your website. This will allow your users to zoom in and out as well as switching between a satellite view and the actual map. Another benefit to using Google Maps is that you will be able to add detailed directions on how to get to your business simply by the user typing in their address. Google will do the work for you.

Google Map

Have An Illustration Of Where You Have Been And Where You Are Going

When you are writing a travel blog or a blog containing information about your adventure and you use Google Maps you will find that you will be able to highlight different places you have visited as well as any tours and routes that you have taken. It will also give you the option of adding text and links that you would like to post as well as pictures and videos.

Highlight Areas That Are Special

If you are doing a topic on a certain neighborhood for something like a neighborhood association Google Maps will come in handy once again. It will give you the tools you need to highlight different regions and/or boundaries on the map. Within the map you will be able to add colors to the boundaries, label highlighted area, map out roads and many other items as well.

Add Missing Places To Maps

One of the newer features on Google Maps is the ability to add missing places as well as points of interest to Google Maps directly from your mobile app. This function is made simple by tapping anywhere on the map and bringing up the full details of the address that you wish to add. You will then have the option of adding a missing place. Once you click on that the place will be added with the additional option of completing the name of the place, telephone number, website, and what category it will fall into. When speaking of categories it will include restaurants, shops, schools, parks, medical facilities, etc. Once this has been completed Google will then notify you that you will receive any updates that occur on this location.

The way of technology keeps growing on a daily basis. Google Maps has become an application that many people have grown to love and the fact that it is so interactive makes it even better for the users. Many people from business owners to someone who is simply looking for directions use this application on a daily basis and have grown to love it.

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