Protection Panel From Google To Ensure The Account Safety Of The User

Google account protectionWith rising threat from the cyber criminals, the safety and security of your accounts have emerged to be a matter of concern. Google is such a server that has major account holders across the world. For years, Google have developed different applications that will help in securing the account of the users. However, many were reluctant to use those applications. It is because the placement of the applications was in a scattered form. However, in a new approach this company has created a visual walkthrough of all the safety apps provided to its users. This new advancement from the company has grabbed the attention of the users. Now, increased users are concerned about making their account safer.

Knowing the basics

The walkthrough is designed in an attractive way. There is information about potential breach of security that the users may face. It also tells in details about the applications that are used to ensure the safety of the account. Furthermore, the wizard-like presentation helps the users in changing the setting during the walkthrough. There are mainly five applications inserted in the aspect of safety. It is applicable for all the Google accounts that the user have created. This easy process is a good initiative from the part of Google account safety to protect the information of the users from the threat of cyber crime.

Google account protection

The protective shield

The five critical safety applications will strengthen the aspect of communication for the users. The aspects on which the applications are based help the user in getting complete security. The first one among them is that the recovery system for your account. This application helps you in getting hold of the information on your account if you lose your password and your system crashes. The second system is a recent activity. When you enter any of your Google account, then it presents you with the information on your last login. Moreover, it also shows you if the account is being used anywhere else. It helps you in getting protected from hacking. This app makes you vigilant about the activities in your account.

The continued protection

The two-step verification process is the third protective layer for the accounts. In this app, you can register your mobile number. When you access your account, then a unique code will be sent to your registered number. You will be allowed to access the account after providing the correct number. There are some pre-designed numbers that you can use in case your registered number is not available. The app password is another security pillar for the wizard. In this application, the user can put password for each of the aspect. The account permission app helps you in managing the appearance of your account or profile in the online platform.

Something more to explore

The entire process involved in securing your account is easy. You have to press the Get Started Button presented in your account. After that, you can learn more about each of the application. Then, you can use the apps in accordance with your convenience.

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