The Introducing Of Technologically Equipment Gears By Intel

gears by IntelThe world of technology is ever evolving. In the past few years, the influence of technology has also become evident in the world of wearable. Various renowned tech giants have introduced their technologically advanced wearable in the market. However, the main drawback of the gears was their aesthetics approach. They were not as attractive as their technology. The different market players are trying to create their space in this market by planning to create new gear type. However, the company of Intel has announced its new fitness tracking device that is going to hit the markets soon. Besides having high-quality chip from the house of Intel, this gear range is stunning in its look.

Detailed look at the items

The techno company has collaborated with one of the leading watch making companies of the world. This joint venture aims at presenting the world with wearable that also serves the purpose of fashion. The final product is called MICA. There are two band types that are available in this product range. The bases for both are same. They are wide wristbands that have attached display. The display is touch screen and thus provided easy operation. Moreover, the display is designed with the help of sapphire. It is scratch resistant and helps in retaining the gorgeousness of the product. The technology of cellular connectivity is used as a base for the products.

Scrutinizing the types

The device is designed using two distinctive styles. One of the styles contains pearl from the land of China. It is wrapped with skin of black-water snake. Moreover, to add an aspect of beauty the gemstones are attached with the band. They are the product from Madagascar. The other style is equally enticing. It also contains skin of water-snake. However, the color is white. It is incorporated with the South African tiger’s eye. Finally, the entire package is completed by introducing obsidian from Russia. The company is expecting this technologically equipped luxury gears to be the next craze in the world of fashion.

gears by Intel

The difference from competitor

One of the leading contenders of wearable in the market is Apple. They have always developed products that can be used by the users on a daily basis. Furthermore, they have also created a market of reputation. However, the approach of Intel is entirely different from that of apple. They are emphasizing on the fact that stunning and glamorous products can be easily manufactured for daily use. The core of such development will always be Intel. It is because this producer already develops computer chips for leading companies of computable devices. Now, they are extending their expertise in the field of wearable technologically advanced equipments.

Exploring further issues

The chips designed by Intel are energy efficient. It is also opening up a new potential for the watch and the jewelry companies. They are looking forward create a new range of product that blends the aspects of beauty with technology. The experts are predicting that this new approach will prove to be a beneficial.