Top 10 Samsung Cloud Backup Services to Preserve Your Data

Samsung cloud

Samsung Cloud backup services help smartphone users keep their data safe. But there are many other options mobile users can choose to preserve their data. Here we are listing 10 best cloud storage service options for smartphone users. Services like Samsung Cloud offer free data…

20 Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

cloud storage

A small business always has a chance to grow, and for that, it needs to have easy-to-operate and manageable technologies. As such, cloud computing has become attractive to smaller organizations, since it makes it possible to meet demands more quickly and with fewer financial resources….

How Cloud Servers are Making the World a Better Place

cloud server

It hasn’t been that long ago when sharing files between different devices was a rather complicated task that could be somewhat cumbersome and inefficient. Surely, we all remember the times when we had to send files from one mobile to another by attaching the infrared…

Clash between Two Global Leaders on Cloud Computing

Microsoft vs Oracle

The two global chief are now ready for war on the issue of control over cloud computing. The newly elected chief of Oracle Corporation is ready to give an edge to Microsoft regarding the control in the corporate cloud-computing arena. Cloud computing involves large servers…

Tips To Get The Most From Your Cloud Storage

cloud storage

In the past people would use their hard drives to store almost all of their pictures, documents or whatever other items they needed to store. However this has changed in the recent years. People now depend on their cloud storage drives to store all of…