Top 10 Samsung Cloud Backup Services to Preserve Your Data

Samsung Cloud backup services help smartphone users keep their data safe. But there are many other options mobile users can choose to preserve their data. Here we are listing 10 best cloud storage service options for smartphone users. Services like Samsung Cloud offer free data storage space for limited usage. Samsung Cloud services are very useful services for smartphone users. All we need to search for the right Cloud backup services. But many others are available at premium charges. Let’s find out the best cloud backup services among all.

Samsung Cloud – Best for Samsung smartphone users

When you sign up for Samsung Cloud services, you get easy access to the cloud storage option. Samsung promises safe and secure cloud service for smartphone users. You can download the app and enable automatic backup. That way, your data including your media files, contacts, and documents are stored in the cloud. Meaning that you can access your files on any of your connected devices.

Free Storage: Samsung Cloud services are available for free for 15GB of data.

Samsung cloud

Amazon Drive – Best for Prime users

Amazon Drive is a lot better and cheaper option than Samsung Cloud for several reasons. If you’re a Prime user, there are features like unlimited photo storage. Amazon offers two storage options – 100GB and 1TB plan. You can also avail free trial for the same but later you will be paying for this service.

For the 100GB storage plan, you have to pay $11.99 per year and for the 1TB plan, the charges are $59.99 per year. Amazon Drive allows you to upload your files to the cloud and access them on any Android, iOS phones and PCs.

Free storage: Amazon Drive is available for free for 5GB of data storage space.

Dropbox – Simple, reliable, and feature-rich

Other than Samsung Cloud and Amazon Drive, Dropbox is one of the top cloud services for data storage. It works in both web and app versions and is easy to use. On mobile, you can download the Dropbox app and choose the files you want to store on the cloud. On PC, you can access these files online via a web browser. You can also download the application to copy and move files using drag and drop options. If you want to upgrade the storage capacity on your Dropbox account, you will have to pay $99 per year for 1TB cloud storage.

Free storage: Dropbox offers 2GB of storage space for free on basic accounts.

Google Drive – Excellent for collaboration and office work

The application comes pre-installed on many Android devices. It is also available for Windows PC and Apple devices. The best thing about Google Drive is that it offers plenty of features. For example, Google Docs and Sheets on Drive. Additionally, you can access Google Drive offline.

On a smartphone, Google takes care of your backups very well. From app data to media files and contact lists, you can backup almost everything on Google Drive. Restoring your backups is also very easy in case if you factory reset your phone or switch to a new phone.

Free storage: Google Drive offers 15GB of data storage space for free.

Mega – Serious about Security

One of the safest cloud storage options is Mega. On PC and mobile phones, this service claims to offer encrypted data storage service. When you start uploading files on Mega servers, the service encrypts your data on your device. So before your data reaches the cloud server, it gets encrypted. As a result, your data remains completely safe and cannot be misused or hacked. Mega offers premium storage plans starting from 4.99 Euros (approx. $6) per month.

Free storage: You can get 50GB of data storage capacity for free when you create a Mega account.

Microsoft OneDrive – A wealth of great features

The app is readily available on Windows 10. So those who have switched to the new Windows operating system can use it straight away. For mobile users, the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive also offers seamless integration with useful tools. Many freelancers and organizations use Office 365 and OneDrive together to boost productivity. Plans start from $1.99 per month for 50GB of storage and go up to $99.99 per year for 5TB.

Free storage: With the basic OneDrive account, you get 5GB of free storage space.

Box – Best for customization

Box cloud service lets you store and share files on the cloud. Its collaboration tools are very useful for teams working from different locations. Pro users and developers can use APIs for easy integration of Box in apps and web-based solutions. Box cloud pricing starts from around $6 per month for 100GB. The company offers unlimited storage space for business and enterprise plans.

Free storage: You get 10GB free storage space with an individual account on Box.

Idrive – Affordable and powerful

You may have ignored IDrive but it is one of the best cloud services available for PC and mobile users. Just like how you store and share files on Samsung Cloud, IDrive does everything you need. It offers a reliable online backup service. The best thing about the service is that it’s priced very strategically. For 2TB of data storage space, you will pay $52.12 per year. For business users, 200GB of data storage space is available for $74.62 per year.

Free storage: IDrive offers 5GB free data storage space on basic accounts.

SpiderOak ONE – Secure but high-priced

Just like Mega, SpiderOak One also offers end to end encryption to keep your data secure. Well, there’s still no way to prove this claim but the storage service they offer is reliable. SpiderOak One service is offered at a price of $5 per month for the 150GB plan. The storage options can go up to 5TB for $25 per month. It is not the fastest cloud service, but it does the job well.

Free storage: You can expect 2GB free storage space for your basic account.

SugarSync – Best for basic users

When it comes to customization, SugarSync is better than many other cloud services. It allows you to choose which folders you want to sync and lets you backup any folder on your device. Here you find SugarSync a complete tour for cloud backup. The service also allows you to sync and upload files via email. The company offers some plugins as well to help you access your files from as many devices as possible. The service starts from $7.49 for 100GB and goes beyond 1TB if you choose to buy a custom plan.

Free storage: There’s no free storage available on SugarSync. The company lets you pick any plan and try it for free for 30 days.