3 Best Cloud Certifications in Demand

If you work in IT and are thinking about how to gain a lucrative skill or do not work in IT and want to switch to a different career that has the longevity you might enjoy more, then getting a cloud certification is a great place to start.

Many businesses are switching to cloud-based computing because it allows them greater flexibility, heightened security, and access to cutting-edge technology, which they can use to help grow their business. This makes cloud computing a good career choice to get into as more and more businesses will be adopting the technology in the future.

There are many different and great cloud platforms on the market, with all of them being operated and implemented in different ways that might require unique training and skills to work with properly. There are multiple qualifications and certifications you can study to understand better. However, you can’t learn them all. That is why you need to think carefully about the best cloud certification which will suit you and your business. But which certification should you choose? This article is here to help you decide.

Vendor-specific or vendor-neutral?

Many cloud certifications will certify you in the use of cloud services provided by a particular company. The top three cloud providers are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google cloud.

It is also possible to gain certification in cloud-based technology more generally – understanding the principles but not limiting yourself to a particular provider.

The answer to whether you choose a vendor-specific or a vendor-neutral certification is; it depends. Suppose a business has invested heavily in AWS, for instance. In that case, they are likely to want to work with a cloud professional specializing in AWS who can implement more specific functions that only that provider can do and likewise for Microsoft Azure and Google cloud

However, some businesses will be using different web service providers or using one of the smaller providers. In those cases, they might prefer to find a vendor-neutral cloud professional as it will seem as though you are better equipped to turn your hand to some solutions.

Ultimately, whichever certification you choose, you will learn transferable skills. So, when you are choosing cloud courses online, it is worth considering the needs of the businesses you most want to work for and whether there is a benefit to being certified with a certain vendor in mind.

Amazon Web Services

At present, AWS has the largest share of the cloud computing market, and so if you are playing a numbers game, it could make sense to go with them.

In 2019 more AWS professionals were hired than any other vendor. Amazon is constantly innovating and providing a great service to its customers, which means they will continue to grow. This cloud service does a lot, too, as it allows customers to use their system for storage, deep data analytics, networking, and also provides developer tools, management tools, and so much more. Learning this will enable your business to utilize a wide range of useful functionality.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is generally regarded as AWS’s closest competitor, and some people speculate that it could become the biggest provider.

Microsoft is already well established, and that familiarity can help them become the main provider and, crucially for you, might make learning the certification a much easier transition. Microsoft Azure is primarily focused on connectivity, demonstrating how their cloud business has grown exponentially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as more and more businesses begin to use Microsoft teams to communicate and collaborate on projects and tasks.

Google cloud

The final option in our trio of top cloud providers is Google cloud. Google is well known for being innovative and providing cutting-edge technology, and for this reason, getting certified in their technology would not be a bad option.

At present, there are not as many Google cloud professionals being hired as there are for other platforms. However, the ones that command impressive salaries. Google Cloud is entirely web-based, and because of that, it means that no software is needed to be downloaded, meaning that using this cloud option is viable for even low-power devices.

It’s also been said that Google Cloud solutions are also simple to use and implement, and some businesses might value that ease of use. Furthermore, Google has a wide array of integration between its other platforms and services, so opting for this certification and implementing this cloud solution can help streamline and centralize all your operations, making this much leaner.


When choosing your certification, there is no stand-out ‘right’ choice; they are all good options. The best way to decide is to do your research based on the direction you would like to take your career in, meaning what kinds of work you want to do and which companies you want to work for. If you are based in Miami and have advanced knowledge of maintaining a cloud platform, get started with some manage IT service Miami. It will take your career one step ahead.

The benefits of using the cloud are massive and vast, and because of that, it’s a good idea to get clued up on how to use it. The cloud can help your business be more mobile and versatile as it allows your workers to access their documents and work on their projects from anywhere on any device.

It also allows businesses to store a huge amount of data without buying and monitoring their server, saving money and effort. Collaboration and organization are also greatly benefited by adopting the cloud.

Now the most up-to-date versions of documents and files can be accessed by everyone, which boosts efficiency and limits mistakes.

Even large documents that you may have struggled to have sent over email can now be stored and easily shared via the cloud, streamlining the business and illustrating that cloud computing is something every business can benefit from.