Big Data Is Transforming The Scene In Classrooms

With the education system falling and an increasing rate of number of drop outs it is time to take a closer look at the classrooms. It is time to raise the question why schools are losing their student population. Some recent reports indicate that some of the educational technology companies are leveraging big data to make the classrooms more engaging and effective. There is a shift in focus towards online courses, personalized testing and standardized APIs for K12 schools. Data is being collected by some of the technology companies to create learning which is tailored for the student’s needs.

Obtaining real-time data

With the real-time data which is collected it has become easier to predict failures in particular subjects. A larger number of teachers are utilizing big data to monitor the student progress. Schools are striving to control the dropout rates. In recent times, teachers are of the strong belief that analytic can be a powerful instruction tool in the classroom. It is being predicted that with use of big data teachers will be able to control the dropout rate. The analytic tool will help the students to understand the subject better, learn in the most effective method and attain success.

Big Data

Improving the education scene

Big data has entered the classrooms today. With the advent of computerized testing, tablets and digitalized records schools are collecting large amount of information on how the children are performing. The answers of a quiz can be easily analyzed to understand what the students have learnt. Teachers are striving to find out why students are choosing wrong answers. With the help of big data, publishers can easily find out which chapters in the textbooks are working and which need to be revised. With new innovations taking place, both education and classrooms are on the path of change.

Use of digital devices

Some tech giants predict that future classrooms will be digital and can be tracked by instruments. The students in the classroom will have a digital device in front of them. If the students find any part of a lesson confusing, they can comment about it on their devices. It becomes easier for the researchers to collect the comments and find out which section of the syllabus need to be revised. This helps teachers to improve instruction. To better educate the students they can come up with effective lesson plans.

With advanced technology

With big data education can be made more personalized. There are some firms today which track students throughout their academic career. Educational data companies are hiring chief privacy officers who take care of data security. Experts feel that by recording the move of students in the classroom there will be greater focus on intuitive and personalized learning. With digital devices in the classroom researchers can analyze the outcome of teaching procedures and improve the learning experience. Experts feel that the need of the hour is to develop technology along the vital role which is played by experienced teachers. This they believe will ultimately benefit both the students and teachers.