ELearning Trends Are Doing Away With The Learning Management System

The art of technology is continuing to grow and improve on a daily basis.  Every day there seems to be another company announcing something new into the technology world.  Of course with the new technology there is the problem of teaching people how to use it.  The is where you will see the differences in the way of learning today compared with how we used to learn in the recent past.  However we are finding that the ways of the e-learning trends are currently doing away with the learning management systems that we are used to.  This article will explain some of the new learning ways.

Cloud Based

One of the newest technology advancements is the use of cloud-based systems.  These systems are used by larger companies and can be a very powerful tool.  However it does need quite a bit of advanced training.  The training for this system is usually available at anytime through the administrator and can be done virtually anytime.  You will find that many companies have turned to this type of data storage and learning.

Talent Management

When learning on a new version of an e-learning system talent management is a must for any successful organization.  This has recently been discovered as a very valuable tool for learning management.  What this does is help to identify what the strengths and weaknesses of the employee’s area.  The learning systems can help to improve the weakness and make the employee even better.

User Experience

Otherwise known as UX putting the emphasis on user experience through e-learning can help the user improve their goals and skills for every e-learning software.  This has been accepted and recognized all of the country as it helps to focus in customers and also helps with research and gives the availability to measure the improvement of the employees.

Personalized Learning

Everyone has a different way of learning.  With e-learning you can provide a better and more efficient way of learning through personalization.  There is an increased demand for this when it comes to end users on a computer system.


A new vocabulary word among e-leaning is gamification.  This is when you have the availability to use games to help learn the mechanics of how to do something.  This is a newer e-learning capability that is slowly becoming more popular and taking corporate training to a whole new level.

Social Learning

Social learning has made a large and grand entrance into the e-learning industry.  With a social learning environment the learning is made better through encouraging learning, helping with sharing and communication.  This type of training has proved to be a valuable asset with collaboration with others.


The benefits of micro- learning are many.  However the largest of the benefits is that of making it easy to absorb and retain the information that is being offered and learned through making the teachings and activities involved in the courses easy to obtain and retain.

Scenario Based Learning

Another growing way of e-learning is through scenario based learning.  This is when the students are put into simulations and act out the learning experience.  This allows for the student to obtain the skills and information needed for future use.

Tin Can API

Throughout the year 2014 users are finding that the Tin Can API that was introduced in 2012 is growing.  This software can help the training and learning that is being completed to be tracked so that the organizations can measure any and all results as well as correlate and evaluate the results.

Just In Time Learning

Just In Time learning is another newer concept that provides a learning solution when it is needed.  It is accessible whenever a company or an employee needs it and can perform many tasks and skills as needed.

With the way technology is advancing on a daily basis it is important to stay up to date on all new learning procedures.  This includes staying up to date on new e-learning procedures as well.  The more information you know the better off you will be in the technology world.