What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

Did you notice that after uploading a story on Snapchat, a message “Other Snapchatters” pops up in story views?

If you find it confusing, you’re not alone. It’s a common term that many users come across.

Moreover, this is normal to check who viewed your Snapchat story. So, if you’re curious about the meaning of the term and who those Snapchatters are on your story views list, don’t worry.


Luckily, after some digging, we’ve known what “Other Snapchatters” mean and you’re going to learn the same.

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

The term “Other Snapchatters” refers to Snapchat users who have seen your story but don’t follow you on the app.

While this answers one question, it brings up many more. Does it mean that your friend has blocked or removed you from the friend list? 

Well, there’re three cases where this term shows up on your usual story viewer list.

1. You’re Blocked on Snapchat

A user needs to view your Snapchat story before blocking you.

When a user blocks you or you block them, they can’t view your stories anymore.

However, friends from the story viewer list who have blocked you on Snapchat will seem like they were seeing your story. But as you’re now unable to communicate with them, the message “Other Snapchatters” will appear.

A grey arrow under a name will indicate that they’ve unfriended you or your friend request aren’t accepted yet.

2. You Haven’t Added Them to Snapchat Friend List

If you haven’t added a user to your friend list, “other Snapchatters” will show up whenever that user views your story.

So, simply add them as a friend to your Snapchat.

Thus, those Snapchatters you’ve already added will be seen on your normal story viewers list.

Also, check whether you’ve accepted their friend request before assuming they might have blocked you.

3. They Have Removed You From Their Friend List

Removing someone from a friend’s list is not the same as blocking someone.

People who’re not friends with you on Snapchat can view your stories by searching for your username if you have a public profile.

So, if you’re seeing a user under “Other Snapchatters” on Snapchat story views, they possibly have removed you as a friend. 

To confirm it, you can send them a message and check if it says “Pending” on Snapchat or shows failed to send. If yes, it means you’ve been removed.

How to Remove “Other Snapchatters”?

As the main issue with “Other Snapchatters” involves someone that you haven’t added viewing your story, you can remove it by the following:

Step 1. Launch Snapchat and Tap Your Profile Picture

Launch your Snapchat app and tap the small profile picture icon in the upper left corner.

Step 2. Tap “Settings”

In this step, you need to select Settings (cog icon) to open a menu. Here you’ll find several options.

Step 3. Go To “Privacy Control”

Scroll down to the Privacy Control section and select View My Story.

Step 4. Set Story View to “Friends Only”

Change your story view settings to Friends Only.

Thus, you can stop other people than friends from viewing your Snapchat stories.

Not to mention, you can customize the settings at any time.

For example, select the “Custom” option to choose specific friends to block from viewing your stories.

That’s all, folks! The message “Other Snapchatters” may seem confusing, but don’t fret. It simply indicates people who’re not from your friend list.

If you have any other issues with Snapchat, let us know in the comment box. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when your story views say “Other Snapchatters”?

When your story views say “Other Snapchatters”, it means people who’re not on your friend list. It’s because they have blocked you or unfollowed you as a friend or you haven’t accepted their friend request yet.

How to check who viewed your story on Snapchat?

To check views on your story, open the Snapchat app, tap your profile icon above and select a story under My Story. You can see the list of your viewers at the bottom left corner.

How to see “Other Snapchatters” who viewed your story?

Go to My Story and open a story to check through the list of people who viewed your story. The usernames of “Other Snapchatters” who’ve viewed your story will be shown under that category once you select it.