Snapchat Failed to Send Error – Here’s How to Fix

Snapchat is a popular social media application for sharing images and videos, called Snaps, to friends. Snapchat also has a messaging feature allowing users to chat with others that disappear after a certain period.

However, it’s irritating to get the “Failed to send” error on Snapchat while trying to send a message or Snap. If you’re unable to send messages, it can be due to a poor internet connection or the Snapchat server being down.

But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll help you with quick troubleshooting solutions to get rid of the Snapchat failed to send issue.


How to Fix Snapchat Failed to Send?

1.  Check Internet Connection

You can start by checking your internet connection. You may experience the Snapchat failed to send error if the internet connection is poor or lost. A stable and fast internet speed is required for sending messages on Snapchat.

To check that, turn off WiFi for a few minutes and then reconnect your device to the internet. If that doesn’t work, use mobile data instead of WiFi and see whether the issue still persists.

If you notice the warning “tap to try” is for all messages, you can conclude whether Snapchat is down. In that case, other Snapchat users also will be facing the same issue.

2. Check If You’re Blocked

Snapchat only enables you to send messages to other users who have added you to their friend list or haven’t blocked you. To confirm that, try sending them messages if the person you believe has blocked you is on the chat list. If you have been blocked surely, you won’t be able to send messages and you’ll receive an error showing “Failed to send- Tap to try again”.

3. Force Close and Restart the App

Simply force closing and restarting the Snapchat app may be able to solve the issue. Open the taskbar on your phone to view the recent apps tray. How you can open this menu varies in models. Next, swipe up to force close Snapchat. Finally, launch your app again and check whether there’s any progress and Snapchat refuses to send.

4. Log out and Log Back Into Snapchat

Many users have found this trick useful to send messages or snaps after logging out and logging back into Snapchat again. To log out from the account, select your profile icon, tap Settings from the top right, and tap Log out at the bottom of the menu. After logging out, close the app, wait for a while and then log back into the account.

5. Reinstall Snapchat

If you’re getting the Snapchat failed to send error, try to uninstall and reinstall the app. Sometimes, there can be bugs or faults in the app updates causing unwanted errors. You can find the uninstall option in the Android Settings, choose Applications or Apps, find Snapchat, and tap Uninstall. iOS users can uninstall by tapping and holding the app icon on the screen and selecting the cross (x) button at the top-left side of the icon.

To reinstall Snapchat again, download it from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). You can get the updated version while reinstalling the app. Now, open Snapchat, log into your account, and see if it sends messages.

6. Clear Cache

Snapchat typically stores temporary data or files in the device known as a cache. The cache is required for the app to perform faster and improve the overall efficiency. However, if the cache gets corrupted or piled up over time, the app loads slower and some functions might fail to work.

So, to clear Snapchat in-app cache, open the app, tap the profile icon, go to Settings from the top-right and scroll down to locate the Clear Cache option. Select Clear All (iOS) or Continue (Android) to clear the cached data.

Now, go back to the chat screen and try sending messages.

7. Check App Permission

If you’re facing the failed to send error on Snapchat, it could mean that the app is unable to access your network. To solve it, check for the app permission on your device.

For Android users, open Snapchat, tap the profile icon, select the Settings (gear) icon, go to the Privacy tab, and tap Permission. Ensure that your Snapchat is allowed to access the network.

For iOS users, tap the profile icon in the Snapchat account, open Settings (gear icon), tap Manage under Additional Services, and select Permissions. Check if Snapchat has permission to access the network.

8. Restart Your Device

Your final bet is restarting the device. It can remove any bugs or glitches that are running in the app leading to the “Failed to send” error. Restarting the device is a common troubleshooting tip since it works faster and can fix all problems.

Before restarting, close your Snapchat app from the recently used app tray so it doesn’t run when the system shuts down. After restarting your device, open the app and check if you can select and send the message over.

9. Contact Snapchat Support

If restarting the device and other solutions don’t help, you need to contact the Snapchat Support team to fix this internal error. Simply describe the problem followed by your username and the other person to whom you can’t send messages and Snapchat may inform you once the problem is fixed.

To contact Snapchat Support, log into your account, select the profile icon, tap the gear (Settings) icon, navigate to Support and go to I need help. Here, tap on Contact Us and select an issue from the given list by tapping on the circle next to them.

Snapchat may provide you with a secondary list of issues depending on what you choose. Now, read the on-screen instructions after selecting a suitable one and proceed accordingly.

give your username and chat details and send the email to them. They will reply to you back within a few days.

That’s all. These are the quick fixes you must try to solve Snapchat failed to send. The error can trigger due to the app or device issue or else the error is from their end. So, give all the methods a try and hopefully, you’ll be able to send messages again.