Need to Kick your Business on to The Next Level? Try Video Marketing

Competition for business is fierce. Digital marketing is making it more so on a daily basis. Businesses need to find new and more creative ways to stand out online.

A creative, modern and dynamic marketing mix is required to thrive and stay ahead of your competitors. This includes social media, email campaigns, advertising, PPC and various other channels. But creating good content is vital too. Blogs are great for SEO and brand awareness. But video is a great way to catch new prospects’ eyes.

Bring your Business Alive with Video

Video marketing gives a great opportunity to be creative and show your products off in a dynamic medium. Positioning your products in a way that shows buyers how you solve a challenge for them is vital. Corporate video production gives the perfect chance to show off your products and put them in the context of your target buyers’ lives.

video marketing

How do you create some compelling video content within your budget parameters?

Hire an Animation Video Company

Hiring permanent staff to make your videos right away is a risky business. Recruitment takes time and money. Then the candidate will take time to get on board in the business and understand your brand and culture.

Doing it yourself is unlikely to be an option either. Producing, editing and reviewing video all takes time. Representing your company in the best possible way is vital because your videos will likely be the first impression potential buyers have of your firm. With this in mind, a DIY approach is risky.

By using an agency like, you can get your products in front of potential buyers much quicker. Good agencies also have experience with taking a product and connecting potential buyers with it.

Making your selection

Having chosen to run with an a animation video company, your next step is to select one. Follow some simple steps to conduct an efficient but effective search. Firstly, remember you are the buyer. Put your requirements out there and let video agencies come to you. See how much they want your business.

To do so, put together some requirements. What products are you looking to promote? What is your company’s value proposition? Do you want to be funny or informative? What is your budget? Will your requirements be a one-off, or do you envisage making smaller videos on a regular basis?

Document these requirements and search for some agencies that seem to fit the bill. Take a look at your shortlisted agencies’ body of work. Have they got any experience of your industry? What other work have they done? Do their clients appear to stick with them for a while or is their work more one-off? All these factors will give you an idea of the agency’s credentials, and whether you should consider engaging them.

Lastly, review the submissions each agency makes. Invite your favorite ones to join you for a meeting or at least a video call. Press the flesh and see if you like what they say. Consider whether they seem keen to win your business, or whether they are already maxed out with existing work. Ask them how they would envisage turning your products into videos.

Agree deliverables and timeframes

Even when you have had a positive meeting and made your choice, it is still important to agree timelines and commercial terms. Are the agency comfortable working with your budget, or are they likely to cut corners if they feel it is too low? Also agree and document the timelines for the project, and the expectations on each party.

Figure out the points you will need to be involved and give your input, and the stages when the agency will just be able to run with it. Ask your agency what they need from you. At the enablement stage they may need to see the product in action, or at the very least a description and some images. You will also need to give them any graphics you want to feature in the video in a high resolution format to maximize the quality of the final product.

Choose your style

Decide what it is you are looking for from your videos. Corporate explainer videos are good for a website to reinforce a buyers’ perception of your firm. Shorter explainer videos that focus on a product and use case are better for using on social media channels to generate leads.

In summary

Video is fun. Set out on your new project to enjoy it with the knowledge that you are likely to create some good energy and leads for your business.