Video Marketing Trends 2022: What Video Marketers Should Do

If you are here, then it is because you know the importance of video marketing. Many companies no longer use written content and images alone as they have been uninteresting and unengaging for many customers who have inundated with live streaming, interactive 360 videos, augmented reality videos, and many more.

Video marketing statistics say that digital video marketing is about $135 billion in the United States, which means companies everywhere understand the value of video and the importance of investing in the creation and distribution.

As the video marketing trends are growing, you are behind if you still are not releasing your company videos daily.

video marketing

If you have never created a video all by yourself, then getting started can be a little challenging.

But do not worry; here are all the things that you should know if you are new to the concept of video marketing.

The Video Usage In 2021 

Almost 99 % of all the video marketers say that they have planned to continue using video in their future. Nearly 85 % of the business has used video marketing in one way or another in the past few years.

More than nine in ten businesses regard video marketing as necessary as part of their overall marketing strategy, which is a testament to the effectiveness of their video.

If you plan to jump on this latest video marketing trend, you have to know what other marketers produce their videos for. Top video trends include explanatory videos, marketers create, presentation videos, testimonial videos, and other sales videos and video ads.

To make the most use of video marketing trends, you have to make sure that you know all the strategies that have been used by the other marketers online.

Animated Explainer Video 

Animation has always been one of the most actionable video marketing practices. In 2021, people expect the growth of the popularity of animated explainer videos all over the world.

Many brands and industries have used animated videos to promote their goods and services creatively, educate customers, and show them how to use their products and services and for a couple of dozens of other corporate marketing purposes.

People hope to see these kinds of videos more for the benefits of the animated explanatory videos by many famous brands and businesses across different industries.

Consumers like to watch videos that are very entertaining and eye-catching; therefore, nothing is better than animated explainer videos.

The Livestream Videos on Mobiles

Live streaming videos are a set of videos that are very popular in the trend of video marketing. The numbers say that in 2021 the average online users will have an average of 9.5 video streaming applications on their mobile phones.

Therefore, if you consider having users install video streaming apps, they would have almost 50 applications on their phones and would have more than 10 % of their applications based on video streaming.

If you need any other proof of video marketing trends, you can look at the growth figures. In the following point, you will know about the latest statistics of video marketing.

Video Marketing Trends and Its Statistic 

In 2021 people say that video is your most significant opportunity. If you run a one-person business from your home, then having a small startup that is just starting has countless ways to use video marketing to your advantage.

Here are few reasons why video marketing rules the world of marketing in today’s day and era.

  • Video marketing is the best for attracting customers and driving sales
  • Channels are the distributing factors for video marketing
  • People prefer video content more than any other format
  • 85 % of the online marketers say that the video is the best way to get attention
  • Online viewers say that they can retain almost 95 % of any message they see via video content.
  • Video content is the number one method that leads consumers that discovered a company through video content later to buy their services.
  • Almost 94 % of online marketers say that video has helped them increase consumer understanding of the product and services.
  • More than 70 % of online users say that YouTube makes them come across many new brands.
  • Over 93 % of companies and brands get their new customers daily because of their videos on social media platforms.
  • 84 % say that they have been convinced to buy a product or a service when they watch their video commercials online.

If you use video marketing, you can be on the beneficial side of the marketing in significantly less time. All you have to do is make a creative, entertaining, and informative video that can engage your audience well.

Making Of User-Generated Videos 

Usually, user-generated videos play a significant role in the marketing world. User generated video content ranks on the top of video marketing trends in 2021.

They have a potent effect in attracting online users and keeping them engaged is very noticeable in today’s day and time compared to other forms of marketing.

User generating videos on YouTube received the most views than any other type of content. These types of videos also do a very good job of converting a brand’s sales as well. The chances of these users arriving on an e-Commerce site with the help of a video UGC and then carrying out a deal that is also 184 % higher, and these users spend 45 % more of their resources.

This is undoubtedly the most effective in industries heavily moved by the customers’ opinions, including traveling, health, and even beauty.

If you are not operating your business in these industries, user-generated video content will always be considered in your video marketing strategies in 2021.

Ending Note 

With people being isolated in their homes and with some teamwork and fewer cost and resources, video demand has been going up and up without any breaks. Videos look perfectly set to continue to rise for upcoming years as well. Therefore, as a business owner or an online marketer, you should take full advantage.