Using Social Media To Find A Job

Social media can be helpful for many different things including finding a new job.  There are many types of social media accounts and they can all be helpful in the search for the job of your dreams.  You can use accounts that you may already have to expand your search even further.  Here are some tips that will help you to find that job you have been searching for. Of course once the job has been located it is up to you to secure the job position.


If you are considering using Twitter to help you find a job it might be easier than you think.  Twitter has teamed up with many job applications and networking pages that are professional but the trick is knowing how to search to find them.  You will need to search using the keywords “jobs”, “hiring”, or even search for the job title you are looking for.  Another good tip is to tweet often so that people will see that you are still out there searching.  By tweeting you will keep yourself on their radar.  The last tip for searching for a job through Twitter is to follow many people/companies.  The more people you follow the more chances of a job.

using social meda to find a job


If you are considering using Facebook to find a job you will be pleased to know that it is an excellent choice to network with.  One of the top tips for looking for a job on Facebook is to like many different business pages.  That way when a company has a job opening and you have liked their page you will see when they post the opening on their Facebook page.  You should also keep your profile updated with the latest information for your education and your work history and you should make that information public.  This way prospective employers will be able to see your information.


Almost everyone who is searching for a new job has heard of LinkedIn.  This is probably the most popular social media site when it comes to job hunting.  LinkedIn will give you the option of connecting with others who are in the same job field as you are and even if you do not know them it is not creepy to connect with them.  This site also provides you job boards that will provide you with much needed advice and connections but will also highlight opportunities that are available for you in your job field.  The last tip regarding LinkedIn is that you will want to beef up your profile.  You list of job experiences should be as detailed as you can get it.  This will make you look like the perfect job candidate.


If you are interested in using Tumblr to help in your job search you will not be disappointed.  This site will give you the option to search keywords just as the other sites will do but unfortunately there are not many companies that work in Tumblr but do not let that discourage you.  You may never know what is out there until you look.


When a person thinks of Pintrest most people will think about craft ideas and recipes but what you may not know is that this is also a great place to search for a job.  The first step to get noticed on Pintrest is to sign up and then pin your resume on your boards.  Prospective employers can then search for your talents.

If you are interested in using social media sites to help you find a job you should follow the tips above.  You should find success if you are dedicated to following the tips and being honest with prospective employers.

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