The Rise Of Social Media Making Life More Productive And Value Driven

In the world today technology seems to have taken over every aspect of life.  Everywhere you go you will see people on their cell phones, iPods, tablets and whatever other access to the World Wide Web that can be found.  When they are on these web-based devices you will find that most people are using Facebook and Twitter. In fact these applications are consuming the lives of people and in some cases causing addictions.  However social media is also adding good to the community by causing an increase in productivity and value.  This rest of this article will give you many different ways to show you how this is being done.

Co Creating Products

When a company uses the social media platforms that can gain different ideas from many different sources at one time.  This can include different product ideas, grade cards from the users as well as ideas for modifying and making the products/services better.

Forecasting The Demand

With social media there is a potential of many different sources of information regarding demand.  It will allow for the company to obtain several different types of data and the data will be much more accurate and correct that that of other data available.

Helps With Distributing Business Processes

There are many different companies that are using such applications to help figure out where errors are coming from as well as what other information needs to be corrected.  This comes in handy for such applications such as Google Maps.

Market Research

Typically market research can be expensive and take many months to complete.  However if you are using social media to collect your data you will find that these results will be much quicker to obtain and many times you can get the information you need in real time.

Communicating In The Marketing World

In the past when you were attempting to communicate in the marketing world you would have found that it was very slow and costly.  In today’s world you will find that it will cost you next to nothing and the results are given most of the time within minutes.  There are now also many customer forums that will help in generating customer information.

Generating Lead Possibilities

Before the world of technology that opportunity for sales required many hours on the telephone doing telemarketing as well as expensive advertising to help bring in the sales.  With the help of social networks in today’s technology world companies are discovering how easy it is attract customers and help the amount of inquiries coming in.

Social Commerce

The way of social media has made it very easy for friends and family to make recommendations to the people in their lives.  Social media outlets allow for consumers to share what they have bought and whether they like it or not.

Customer Service

There are many companies that will use outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to diffuse any issues before they turn into ugly public relations issues. This will allow for them to get an opinion or an answer to a question before any bad customer service issues arise.  This is the quickest way for the problems to be solved.


Another way for social media to work is by the collaboration of different social media sites. This will help with supplies as well as partners and will reduce the amount of time spent in meetings that are face to face.

Matching Talents

Other social media sites such as LinkedIn can help to show what skills that people have as well as hobbies and interests.  Many people rely on these sites to help find employment.

Social media has opened the door for many different opportunities to fall into place.  It will not only increase productivity but also puts more faith into the data that you are receiving from it.