How to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Do you think you would need some technical knowledge to track someone’s cell phone secretly? Well, the answer is no, you don’t.

Not only do people want to track their partner’s phone; even sometimes, parents also want to monitor their children’s phones to know their activities.

Government can track peoples’ whereabouts from their telephonic activities. You can do it too.

Learn how to track an android or iOS device without them knowing using a web browser remotely.

Can You Use an App to Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing?

Yes, there are many apps available that would let you track someone’s phone location without them knowing. For that, you will need an application with a secret tracking mode.

A very few tracking solutions have an in-built secret tracking mode.

Choose the right solution to track daily activities or get regular updates on real-time locations.

On the other hand, non-app-based trackers are not safe. Due to security issues, hackers can get your personal details from there.

Apps like Spyine are on the place to meet all the requirements. It is a safe phone monitoring solution. Your personal details will never be stored or exposed.

How to Track someone’s Real-time location covertly?

Apps like Spyine let you track smartphones and tablets without making you compromise your personal information.

Spyine is a popular stealth tracker app that has been downloaded by over a million users. Famous channels like Android Authority, Howe Law Farm, Mac World have declared Spyine as a trustworthy and leading phone/tab monitoring solution.

Now you need to know how you can use Spyine to track somebody’s phone discreetly. The answer is in the next section.

How to use Spyine for tracking other Cell phones?


The procedure to track Android or iOS devices using Spyine is slightly different. However, in both cases, you can use the stealth mode to keep your identity hidden. 

For tracking Android devices, the user needs to download Spyine’s Android version app. The app size is 2MB which doesn’t take much space or drain too much battery. Once you download the app on the targeted android device, you can hide it to make it run in the background without getting noticed by anyone. This app even remains invisible as it doesn’t have an icon. The user or even you will need to enter a special code to get the app icon back.

In case you want to track an iOS device, there’s no need to download any app. Spyine doesn’t work with the device directly; instead, it takes information from the device’s iCloud backup. As a result, the device user cannot detect it as Spyine works remotely.

Powerful Tracking Features

You can get real-time location updates as long as the targeted device is connected to the internet. The device user will not have any clue about the same. You can get several location-related data updates to know the exact whereabouts of the person.

Let’s see what are all area-specific data you can get from Spyine:

Location Map: Spyine will show you the present location of the device on an interactive location map. You can see several pins on the map indicating different locations the device has been. If you click or tap on the pins, it will show you more specific details about that location.

Information Log: You can get the exact address of a certain location with the street or area name along with Geographic coordinates and timestamps. You will get all the information at the bottom of the location map page.

Google Map Integration: If you allow Google to integrate the locations, the Google Map application on your device will get opened. This will let you get a 3D view of the location to gather more details.

Geofence: This feature lets you mark mostly visited locations like houses, schools, colleges or workplaces. So when the device user leaves that marked place, you will get notifications about the same.

Sim Card Tracker: With the help of the sim card tracker, you can get the location details of the SIM’s location on a map. Even you can check IMEI details of the phone to get notifications about any number change on that particular device.

More Advantages of using Spyine

There are some more cool advantages that you get only from Spyine.

No need to Root or Jailbreak

If you use other applications or software to track somebody else’s phone, the main requirement is to root or jailbreak the targetted device. On the contrary, Spyine provides an advanced tracking solution that doesn’t require any root or jailbreak, saving you time and effort.

Easy to Use

Tracking someone by spying on their device was made easy by Spyine. You can use any internet-enabled device to use Spyine from any location. The user interface of the app is extremely easy to use. Even if you want to uninstall the app, there’s nothing much you need to do. Only a single click and the app gets uninstalled.

More Tracking Features

Apart from tracking the location of the person, you can also get some other information such as:

  • Call log
  • SMS 
  • Facebook Messages
  • Whatsapp Messages
  • Snapchat 
  • Instagram
  • Viber, etc.

How can you track someone’s Phone Remotely without them knowing?

The steps to track someone’s phone by using Spyine are easy. First, you will need an uninterrupted internet connection and an internet-enabled device( phone or PC).

The steps to track a person’s phone remotely without letting him know are clearly described in the video below. 

The first step is to create a Spyine account by signing up free. Once you do that, you will receive the complete setup instruction in an email. 

As mentioned earlier, for iPhone users, there’s no need to install the app, but you need to enter the credentials of the iCloud account of the targetted device.

In case of an Android user, you need access to the device as you have to install the Spyine Android version app in it.

Spyine also offers a free demo to let you check the tracking app and its feature before you make a purchase.


Stealth trackers like Spyine are effective if you want to track someone’s whereabouts. Your personal information never gets stored in the Spyine server, so the security is tight. Even the tracker comes at a reasonable price.

Owning Spyine is completely legal; however, you need to check your local laws before spying on someone. For example, in the US, it is legal for parents to track the activities of minor children.

Once you are confirmed about your local laws, you can track a cell phone without letting the person know.