How to See a Target’s iPhone Activities Without the Phone

Apple is the leading brand when it comes to producing the best modern smartphones. Most people prefer buying iOS devices because they incorporate high-security features and offer glitch-free performance. 

We all know how much iPhones are secure, and it isn’t a walk in the park to hack one. Some even think of iOS gadgets as walled gardens that can’t get breached. If you want to spy on Apple phones, it can lead to disappointments. 

However, a simple internet search for ways to monitor an iPhone will give you multiple tips and tricks. It’s essential to look for legit options to avoid falling into hackers’ traps and apps that won’t give you answers.

This guide gives you a sure-shot method that’s tried, tested, and verified to hacking an iPhone without having it close to you. 

Part 1: How to View iPhone Activities Without Permission

Even if you lack hacking skills, the method I will show you can still get you the required data. People with all levels of technical experience can find the software suiting most of their iPhone spying needs. 

Therefore, without further ado, let me guide you through the best way to monitor an iPhone without notifying its owner.

Spyine Solution – The King of All Phone Monitoring Tools

Spyine is one of the leading and professional phone surveillance software. It offers reliable services that millions of users trust across 190+ nations. Most people find it legitimate since it’s free from viruses and malware attacks.

Others find it enjoyable to spy on an iPhone with Spyine because of its brightly colored web-based interface and smart user experience. The iOS version of the software makes monitoring an iPhone as straightforward as creating a new account on a website.

Yes, it’s that effortless, and you don’t ever need to touch the targeted device. Spyine only requires you to sign up for an account, get a subscription plan and verify the target’s iCloud ID to function. 

Due to such capabilities, renowned online media platforms such as 9to5Mac, Mac World, and CNET publish articles about Spyine several times. The app’s features are simply unmatched and can work on both iOS and Android variations.

However, for this guide’s purpose, we’ll focus the discussion on the Spyine iOS version. You can advance with the article or click this link to learn more about how Spyine works and its features.  

Part 2: How Does Spyine Work Without the iPhone in Hand?

Spyine’s iOS solution is accessible via any e-device that’s connected to a reliable internet. You can use a web browser of your choice to set up your account and spy without any issues. That makes it possible to see what a person does on their iPhone remotely.

Its operations are entirely internet-based because there isn’t an application to download and install on your end or target’s device. Even better, it doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the targeted iPhone since it can breach the gadget’s security. 

The critical info you must get about the target is the username and password associated with the iCloud account linked to their iPhone. These credentials allow Spyine to sync the user’s phone data from the iCloud backup account over the cloud and display it to your dashboard.  

Data synchronization is initiated after a certain time interval to ensure the data you’re getting includes recent updates. That means you can log in to your Spyine account at any time and review the activities of the monitored iPhone.

Part 3: What Can Be Achieved When Spying with Spyine

Spyine comes with 35+ phone monitoring features that are present on your online dashboard and ready for use. Here, we have some of these elements:

  • Location Tracker: This provides an ideal way to know about a person’s whereabouts because it gives their location details 24/7. You can use the geofence location feature to set location boundaries for the target’s iPhone. 
  • Call Monitor: It lets you listen to calls made and received on the user’s iPhone and even give the caller’s details.
  • Social Media Spy: Spyine allows you to go through your culprit’s social media apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

The list is still long, and we couldn’t exhaust it in this guide. That includes SMS reader, web browser history analyzer, and much more. 

Part 4: What are the Pros of the Spyine Software

Here’re a few things that make it awesome and the benefits of using the iOS version of Spyine to monitor an iPhone:

  • No Jailbreak Required:

Unlike other iPhone monitoring programs, Spyine doesn’t ask for alterations on the targeted device at all. Unlocking an iPhone makes it vulnerable to hackers or other unwanted attacks and can void its warranty.

  • Data Security: 

We mostly find ourselves wanting to spy on iPhones belonging to those dear to us. When using Spyine, it offers extra security measures to ensure the safety of your/target’s data. The online software doesn’t cache any of your private info on its servers.

  • Discreet iPhone Spying: 

If you use Spyine to spy on a person’s iPhone, they won’t ever discover your spying activities. It configures with the targeted device remotely via the iCloud feature that’s common in all Apple devices. 

  • Web-Based Operations:

Spyine doesn’t need you to download any application on either your cell phone or the targeted iPhone. That’s because the app opens in any web browser and on any electronic device. It gives you relief if you’re worried about installing anything that could harm your/target’s e-devices.


When it comes to spying on iPhones, the method above offers the easiest solution to work your way around it. Therefore, all that’s left is for you to check out the Spyine app or try its free live demo and feel its functions.