Tips To Make Google Calendar More Useful

If you are a believer in Google you probably use Google Calendar to help make your schedule easier to manage.  You probably add items such as important events, reminders and even vacations on to the calendar just as you would have on a paper calendar years ago.  Now that smartphones have emerged and more and more people are using Google Calendar.  There are many creative ideas that can be incorporated into the use of Google Calendar.  Read on to learn more.

Keep Your Budget On Task

All of your bills may be for a different amount and due on a different day but by using Google Calendar you will find that you can set up the entire year of payments automatically.  If is easy to do simply by creating a calendar for your budget.  This will help to keep your money management separate from your other tasks on your calendar.  You should even add your paychecks into the calendar as all day events.  This way it will stay on the top of the schedule.  Once you have the paychecks entered you can then start to enter your bills as recurring events.  Then you can set alerts for the day that you have bills come due.  This way you will be sure not to miss a payment.  You can also add items to the budget calendar that will help you to track how much money you spend in a day.  An example of this is to select your day and enter in an event such as “groceries” and then the amount.  This is also an effective way to see how much money you will have in your bank account once the bills are paid.

Be Prepared For Bad Weather

If you are the kind of person who likes to check your calendar and the weather before you leave the house every day you might be interested in a tool known as IFTTT.  This is a tool that will connect different digital services for you that will make you more efficient.  Examples of this would be the calendar sending you a reminder to grab an umbrella or dress warmly when there is rain or snow in the forecast.

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Do Not Forget Your Dinner Plans

Often times when you live with someone who share your meals with the entire family it can get frustrating when someone’s plans change at the last minute.  This makes it hard to cook meals that are favorites and remember not to cook something that someone does not like. By putting plans on the calendar and sharing it everyone in the family will know what to expect and no one will be disappointed.

Project Management

There are many ways to manage the different projects that you may have going on.  The good news is that by adding an event to a Google Calendar you can assign that even to a certain team member.  This will also give you the option of adding text to the description.  If you are a business that runs on deadlines this could be the solution for you.

Manage Your Employee Schedules

If you and your team use the Google Calendar for your communications throughout the office you will find that it can be very helpful.  You can enter vacations on the calendar or days off and you will not have to keep reminding your boss or other people when you will not be in the office.  Of course the calendar can be used for scheduling business related meetings as well.

There are many things that a Google Calendar can help you with.  The above items are only a few of the more common ones.  It is easy to learn how to use but will require some practice on your part to learn all of the techniques.