Skype Takes an Extra Stride with the Ios8 Features

skype in IphoneWith blends, matches and fusions doing the round and changing the face of the information technology,it will be interesting to note how the voice over internet protocol Skype takes on an upgraded look. The major voice over service picks up the cuts and chisels of the iOS 8. The interplay results in an excellent mishmash. It is evident that when the novel innovations of ‘I’ operating system interacts and joins hands with the Skype, prolific developments are on the cards.

The Skype and its purpose

With Skype under your belt, voice as well as video calling becomes as easy as a pie. Your friend or a loved one may be nowhere within your reach. He may inhabit a distant horizon-that located in a forlorn shore. But the voice over protocol ensures that you break the barriers of physical space and distance. You get the service for free, and this also comes as an ace up your sleeve. It has redefined the meaning of communication, when things seem manageable from the palm’s reach. The protocol walks a mile extra by introducing the features of ios8.

skype in Iphone

The latest innovations

The brand comes up with the latest round of innovation. The improvisation over the cuts and features of the ios7 is evident. The most recent developments are supposed to make networking more convenient and interactive than before. The push notifications in particular have come under a swing of improvisation. Inventiveness and enhancements have also touched up the areas of the banner, calendar and e-mail notifications. As a result of these upgrades; the entire prospect of interfacing has become more purposeful than before. Any tech-savvy reader will like to know how Skype exploits these features to its advantage. The ultimate objective is to influence the perspective of the end users. As a user of VOIP, you will have reasons to gain.

Takes an added edge

The voice over networking protocol has included the interactive notifications. These relate to notices on calls, message and those put out across the banner. As a user, you just need to get into the Skype setting, and put on the relevant tab-that which controls notifications. The prospect gives you an ace of advantage, something that you couldn’t avail of before. Somebody makes a call on the Skype. Even if you miss it for the time being, you can track the information later. Both the caller’s name, as well as, the time of calling, opens up before you.

The advantageous features

For answering or declining the call that you have missed, you are supposed to swipe the screen to your left. It also gives you the opportunity for refusing the  call. If you decline now for some reason or the other, you always have the option for catching up with the same. The feature gives you the option for messaging, as well. As per your convenience, you can either get back to the person or pen down a text message. The notifications on banner help you track the actions that you have failed to notice. You are just supposed to pull the screen down to see all that you have overlooked. So, if you choose to download the latest operating system, you can channelize the different facets of communication at a pace faster than before. You need not waste time in returning to the home screen. It is not necessary that you start off from the homepage, for using the application.

Image credits to : Sebastian Kippe