5 Secrets to Making Your Office Ultra-Productive

For quite a while, a desk job had been associated with boring and monotonous work, annoying colleagues, and evil bosses. But those days are long gone. Now people are happy to go to offices, work in teams, and bring prosperity to employers. If you are interested in making your company successful and want your employees to soak up the same keen desire, it is worth considering the following points.

Rethink the Interior Design of Your Office

Firstly, everyone knows that an environment affects the psyche, productivity, mental abilities, and emotional state of a person. Dull colors and gloomy interiors dominating a workplace don’t contribute to the speed and quality of work performed. If you are not sure if something is worth changing in the office, ask your employees straight out — they are likely to share their concerns and generate some ideas on improving the working environment.

At the very least, you can start with poster making. A piece of graphic design that delivers the company’s values will remind your staff of the main goals. Hang some posters with quotes or creatively processed works of art and photographs. Such small changes will inspire the team to be innovative. In case you are not yet ready to completely transform all the spaces, you can start with small steps and decorate a recreation or kitchen area in this style. Eventually, you can move on to the main premises.


Choose appropriate accent colors, as they also affect productivity. White is associated with purity and airiness, while black can add a good contrast provided you don’t overdo it. Red color evokes strong emotions, but its overabundance can cause aggression. Yellow will bring positive vibes and a sense of joy into places where people meet. Blue has a positive effect on performance and brain stimulation, and green should be used wherever employees are involved in a creative process. It is also relaxing and stress relieving.

In no case should you forget about plants in the workplace? Indoor flowers will help relieve tension, add a natural touch to the interior design, and purify the air. You can also consider placing aquariums in your office.

Let Light into Your Workspace

Being constantly exposed to artificial light affects the functioning of the brain negatively, which leads to headaches and loss of focus. To protect your subordinates from this detrimental effect, it is best to choose an office space that receives as much natural light as possible. Premises with large windows and skylights serve this goal perfectly. But if your current workspace doesn’t have many windows, the situation can be improved by using mirrors or full-spectrum lamps to enhance and simulate natural light.

Enhance Work Climate

For many employees, good relationships with colleagues and positive emotions received in the workplace are even more important than career prospects. You need to be a true leader who is able to manage a team so that each of its members feels comfortable and everyone can enjoy a friendly workplace environment.

One of the important components of a positive work climate is the lack of stress, which is often associated with multitasking. Therefore, you should clearly specify areas of responsibility and assign a certain range of tasks to each employee. Thanks to clearly allocated duties, work is done much more efficiently and with less drain. You should also timely identify and eliminate toxic people who only create conflicts and bring negative vibes into the team.

Engage in Team Building Activities

As a person in charge of the team, you need to take into account your people’s capabilities and potential. Team building is just the thing to find out who is who and how you can collaborate in the best possible manner. For employees, it is a way to define their place in the team, show their personal qualities, and get to know their colleagues better. It will help the team develop mutual support, a tolerant attitude to colleagues’ shortcomings, better communication, and other useful skills.

Ensure Proper Recognition

You should remind your people of their importance and value to set them up for higher productivity. Human nature craves appreciation, while achievements deserve encouragement. During meetings, emphasize the contribution made by specific employees to a common goal, and don’t miss an opportunity to thank them for ideas or solving complex, non-standard situations. And surely, you should support your team members’ desire to develop in the professional field. You can also rely on some Google apps for better productivity and long-term benefits.

Final Word

Keep in mind that you are the main role model for your subordinates. Your behavior in the workplace has a significant impact on the motivation of your employees. And if you do play an evil boss showing no respect for the team, it is unlikely that any secrets will help you boost employee productivity.