How to Turn Off Steam Notifications

If you are into online gaming, then you might have come across many gaming platforms like Steam. Playing online games is always fun, but it can be irritating when a lot of notifications start popping out of nowhere in the middle of the game. Most of the time, Steam users face this problem while playing games.

Steam notifications get displayed on the lower-right corner of the gaming screen. Generally, the  notifications are about group event announcements or friends joining a certain game. Apart from that, a player also receives notifications about direct messages from their friends on Steam.

As for experienced gamers, these types of notifications mean nothing. That’s why they don’t feel so concerned about it. However, constant notifications can be distracting as well as annoying.

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This is why it sometimes feels necessary to disable such notifications. So, if you are looking for ideas on how to turn off Steam notifications, then you’ve come to the right place. Follow this article to know everything in detail.

What are Steam Notifications?

Before knowing how to disable Steam notifications, you should know what Steam notifications actually are. As a matter of fact, the notifications are alerts in pop-up forms that appear on the screen during the gameplay.

Generally, there are five types of notifications Steam send you, those are:

  • When your friend joins a game.
  • When your friend comes online on Steam.
  • When your friend sends you a direct message.
  • When Steam sends group event notifications to inform you about upcoming Steam gaming events.
  •  When you receive chat room notification.

Some of these notifications are useful, whereas some can be really bothersome. Especially when they keep appearing on the screen during gaming, players get distracted.

Apart from this, there are plenty of other reasons to make you think that you should disable Steam notifications. Let’s find out what they are.

Why Should You Turn Off Steam Notifications?

While playing any game, the main purpose of any gamer is to enjoy the game and then obviously try to win it. Sudden pop-ups on the game screen can distract your mind and you can end up losing the game.

So, if you are still thinking that whether you should turn off Steam notifications, then here are some reasons for you:

  • If you are doing live streaming, continuous inconvenient notifications can hinder your performance, and you might lose focus.
  • A Steam friend notification tells you when a friend joins a game. In reality, nobody cares about that. Hence, it’s unnecessary.
  • Similarly, a Steam group event notification is only useful for certain interested players. Only a few play games seriously and may want to join the events. In comparison, most players join Steam to enjoy games in the free time. If you’re also not interested in participating in such events, turn off this notification.
  • A popular Steam feature allows gamers to take screenshots during a game. This way, a player can show his skills and scores to his friends. Nobody will like such screen capture, which has an unnecessary pop-up notification in it. That’s why it is important to disable the notifications.
  • Not to mention, Steam notifications can overlap the game controls. That’s why it can be problematic whether you’re in a multi-player or single-player game.

So, are you convinced now to stop the notifications? The procedure is easy and you can even share it with your other gaming partners to play the games comfortably.

How To Turn Off Steam Notifications?

If the Steam notifications are distracting you while in-game, it’s time to get rid of them. But do you want to keep certain notifications on? No problem, as you can choose and disable only those notifications which are of no use to you.

  • Steps for turning off all Steam notifications:
  1. Open Steam on your PC.
  1. Click Friends at the top-left corner and select View Friends List.
  1. Click the gear icon to manage the friends’ list.
  1. Click Notifications from the left side menu.
  1. Uncheck every box to turn off the notifications that you don’t want to receive.
  • Steps for turning off individual Steam notifications:

Instead of turning off all notifications, you can select certain ones. After opening the Notifications page on your Steam account, follow the further steps below.

  1. When you don’t want to know if a friend joins any game, uncheck the box of When a friend joins a game.
  1. When you don’t bother if a friend is online on Steam, uncheck the box next to When a friend comes online.
  1. When you don’t want to receive any direct message, uncheck the box When I receive a direct chat message notification.
  1. When you don’t wish to get notifications on receiving a chat room, uncheck When I receive a chat room notification.
  1. When you’re not interested in group events and don’t want to get the announcements, uncheck the Group events and announcements notification.


Usually, game notifications are not problematic when you’re not playing. Otherwise, it’s a distraction and can really ruin your mood.

By applying the steps mentioned above, you don’t need to get interrupted by the pop-ups anymore. The lesser notifications you’ll receive, the more you can enjoy the game.

Additionally, you can capture the screen perfectly during gaming. No notifications can hide your best gaming score. However, if you’re curious about your friend’s activity on Steam, notifications can be useful in such cases. For this reason, you may turn certain notifications on to check on them.

Enjoy your game time with your friends and family.