How To Add Friends On Steam Easily

Steam is one of the biggest gaming platforms that allow you to add friends to socialize and connect with them. Adding friends on Steam is not a complicated process, but there’re a few things you need to know before unlocking this feature. You must spend at least $5 on Steam and the other user needs to send or accept your request to add you as a friend.

If you’re a new user on Steam or haven’t spent money, the account will be “limited”. The “limited” accounts are unable to send friend invites to add people.

This article will guide you through how to add friends on Steam in different ways.

add friends on steam

What is The Requirement to Add a Friend on Steam?

You can only add a friend on Steam if you spend a minimum of $5 on the Steam Store. Otherwise, Steam limits your account and the features. On the other hand, you can add friends if the other person adds you to their friend list first. There’s a unique way to do that.

How to Add Friends on Steam?

To add friends on Steam, you can follow the three ways below:

  1. By sending a Quick Invite
  2. By username
  3. By Friend Code

But your only way to add “limited” players as friends is by the Quick Invite link.

Add friends on Steam by Quick Invite link

Whenever a user is opening a Steam account, it gets the “limited” status by default. Along with new users, users without friends and those who haven’t spent a minimum of 5$ on Steam also get the “limited” accounts. You can send them a custom link to add them as friends.

1. Open the desktop app for Steam or directly go to

2. Hover the mouse on your username at the menu.

3. Select Friends from the menu.

4. Click Add a Friend.

5. Copy your custom user link and share it with the other player to add via WhatsApp, email, or SMS.

6. Wait for your friend to accept the invite.

Once they log into their profile from the desktop, they’ll see the link and by clicking on Add As Friend, you both will be added to each other’s friend list on Steam.

This method unlocks the feature to add friends on Steam easily. So, there’s no need to add funds to get this feature.

Add friends on Steam by Username

This is a conventional way that needs you to know the person’s username first. Here’s the process:

1. Open Steam and go back to the Friends menu.

2. Scroll down to the page and you can find a search box.

3. Enter your friend’s username in the search box.

4. Once you find the username, click on Add As Friend.

Add friends on Steam with Friend Code

If you can’t find the username, the last option is to add them with a Friend Code.

1. First, open the Friends menu or select Add a Friend from the left pane directly.

2. Copy the code shown on the screen and send it to the other user. Or that user could copy their code and send it to you.

Wait for your friend to accept the invite code or you can enter your friend’s Friend Code on the given bar and click Send Invite to complete the process.

How to Add Friends on Steam Without Paying?

In order to add friends on Steam, you need to spend a minimum of $5 on the Steam Store. If you haven’t spent the amount, your account is considered “limited” and you can’t send invites or add friends.

In a word, as a new user, your Steam account doesn’t fulfill the requirements to add a friend. However, you can still accept friend requests from non-limited users.

The only way to add friends on Steam without paying is by sending a Quick Invite link. When you accept someone else’s invite link as a limited user, your account won’t be considered limited.

1. Tell your Steam friend to send you a Quick Invite link.

2. Log into your Steam account on a browser.

3. Go to your email inbox and select the link.

4. Click Add As Friend to add him/her to your Steam friend list.

Once you’re done, Steam will unlock the feature for you to add friends.

Why Can’t You Add People as Friends on Steam?

If you can’t add people as friends on Steam, there could be one of the following reasons:

Restriction on a limited account

If you’re new or haven’t spent money on Steam, your account is limited to access its facilities. Therefore, as a limited account holder, you can’t add friends.

Pending invitation

Maybe the friend hasn’t accepted your invitation. That’s why you can’t see him on your friend list yet.

Maximum friend limit 

If the other user has reached the maximum friend counts, he can’t send or receive any new invites.

Also, remember that the friend count includes the existing players on the friend list and the outstanding invites you’ve sent. Canceling those invites will free up space for more new friends.

The user has blocked you

There’re possibilities that the other user has blocked you or your invite. In that case, it might look like the system isn’t working as it should. Similarly, if you’ve blocked someone intentionally or accidentally, that person won’t be able to find you.

Keep in mind that Steam can’t bypass a block or disclose to the players about their getting blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find friend invitations on Steam?

You can find friend invitations in the inbox at the top-right corner of the Steam client. It appears as a green envelope icon.

Why can’t you find a friend from the Steam community?

If you can’t find a friend from the Steam community, maybe your friend is not on Steam anymore, or he has set the account as private. In that case, you will not find the account. When this happens, reach the person via social media and ask them to send you an invite link.


Adding friends on Steam is an easy process. It helps you to connect with friends and enjoy gaming. This article has described the three quick ways to add friends on Steam. Hopefully, you’ve found the process helpful.