How to Remove Followers on Twitter

At some point, you may not want some people to see your tweets on Twitter. Hence, remove them from the follower list. The Twitter profile is set to public by default. However, switching it to private gives you control to choose your followers. You can approve or reject a follower’s request to add on Twitter.

On the other hand, you can remove the existing followers. Or even block them too permanently. After all, who wants some random or annoying person in the profile? The following article will explain how to remove followers on Twitter step by step.

Why Would You Want to Remove Someone?

Due to mainly two reasons, you will remove/unfollow someone on Twitter.

  • When you no longer wish to see the person’s tweets any more.
  • When the person becomes a threat or toxic to you.

Want to know how to remove them from your Twitter account? Then go through the next section.

Steps to Remove Followers on Twitter

First of all, keep in mind that removing someone means blocking that person permanently. Neither he/she has access to your profile, nor you’ve of their profiles. Even they won’t get any notification of blocking.

How to Block Twitter Followers on Desktop

  • Open on your desktop and log in.
  • From the left side, click on Profile.
  • Go to the Followers tab. You will see your followers list.
  • Tap the account whom you wish to remove.
  • From that profile, click on the three dots from the right top corner.
  • Select Block.
  • A confirmation message will pop up. Click Block again.

Now you can see written Blocked on the top of their profile.

How to Block Twitter Followers on Mobile:

  • Open the Twitter app on your device (Android or iOS) and log in.
  • Click on your Profile from the top left side.
  • Click Followers to see the followers list
  • Go manually to each account you want to remove.
  • Click on three dots from the right top corner.
  • Select Block.
  • Again select Block from the confirmation screen.

Is it Possible to Remove Followers Without Blocking Them?

At the same time, blocking someone means you won’t have any access to their tweets. Eventually, Twitter has given you that opportunity to view their profile. But how? Simply unblock them. In that way, you’re removing them from the follower list as well as having access to their contents.

  • Go to the block profile.
  • Click on Blocked at the top right corner.
  • Click Unblock to confirm for iOS and Yes for Andriod.

Don’t worry. Unblocking them doesn’t affect your previous activity. They have already been removed from your profile. Those accounts only see they’ve mysteriously unfollowed you.

However, if they have a private account, unfortunately, you can’t access it. Either send them a follow request or forget.

Switching Account from Public to Private on Twitter

In the first place, make your account private. Thus, having more control over who can view your content. Because removing followers is not the ultimate solution to maintain your privacy and safety.

To switch account from public to private,

  • Open the Twitter app on mobile or visit from the desktop browser.
  • Click on the profile image from the top right corner on mobile or click on the notification tab left menu for the desktop version.
  • Go to Settings> Privacy & safety.
  • Tap on Protect your tweet to turn it on.
  • Click Save changes and enter the password for desktop.

Finally, you have made the account private. Now no random person can follow you. It needs your approval.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s not difficult to remove someone from your Twitter profile. With a few clicks, it’s done within a minute. But before removing, keep in mind it also prevents you from seeing their profile. It makes you unfollow that account.

On the other hand, if the blocked account chooses to report you, any of your tweets mentioned them already are available to them. They can use that while reporting against you. Also, whenever you mention them in any tweet, they can view it.

Another key to remember if the person is using Twitter via a third-party app. Then, he/she may be able to see your profile even after you’ve removed them. So be careful while tweeting something to maintain safety.