How to Make Twitter Account Private

Is someone stalking you on Twitter?

Are you getting likes on old tweets and private replies from anonymous people?

Such activities can be annoying and threatening.


If you don’t want random users to view your profile, there’s a solution rather than blocking them individually.

You can make your Twitter account private. 

A private Twitter account allows your existing followers you’ve manually approved to view your tweets. It’s an excellent way to protect your account and tweets.

Let’s tell you how to make your Twitter account private.

How to Make Twitter Account Private?

You can make all your previous tweets private by changing the Twitter account’s settings.

You’ll need to go to the Privacy and safety menu.

In this way, other accounts who want to view your tweets need to follow you first.

Though sometimes, it’s better to remove followers on Twitter if you don’t want them to interact with you.

But in case you don’t wish to lose potential followers but keep your tweets protected, here’s how to do it.

Make Your Twitter Account Private on Desktop

This method is for any PC or Mac computer.

It’s a quick method, but ensure to check all privacy options before proceeding.

To protect your tweets,

Step 1. Open your Twitter account on a desktop.

Step 2. Click more (three-dot icon) on the left side of the screen.

Step 3. Choose Settings & privacy (a cog icon).

Step 4. Go to Privacy and safety and click on Audience and Tagging.

Step 5. Check the box next to Protect your Tweets.

Step 6. Twitter will give you a warning while you Protect your Tweets as they’ll be seen only to the existing followers.

Step 7. Click Protect.

Finally, save the changes and you’re done.

To ensure more privacy, you can change the account’s password or edit who can tag you.

Make Your Account Private on the Twitter Mobile App

Follow the steps below on any Android and iOS device:

Step 1. Open the Twitter mobile app.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon on the upper left corner.

Step 3. Scroll through and select Settings & privacy.

Step 4. Select Privacy & safety.

Step 5. Tap Audience and Tagging.

Step 6. Toggle on the slider next to Protect your Tweets.

Under the Settings & privacy section, you can also change your Twitter handle without losing followers.

What Happens When You Switch to Private Twitter Account?

Here’s what happens after switching to a private Twitter account:

  • Your tweets will only be visible to the existing followers.
  • Your public tweets posted before making the account private will also become protected.
  • You’ll receive a request whenever new users want to follow you, which you can approve or reject.
  • Your followers won’t be able to use the Retweet icon to retweet your tweets.
  • Your tweets, including permanent links to your tweets, will be seen by your followers only.
  • As you’ve protected tweets, they will not appear in the Google search bar or other third-party sites.
  • Only you and your followers will be able to search your protected tweets using the Twitter search bar.
  • People won’t be able to see your replies until they follow you.

How to Approve Follower Requests on A Private Twitter Account?

As you have protected the Twitter account, new followers need your approval. 

The new followers’ requests will appear in the notification tab. In case you miss them, they’ll be seen as pending follower requests.

To find them:

Step 1. On the desktop, click the three dots icon on the top left corner. 

              On the mobile, tap your profile icon above.

Step 2. Click/tap Follower requests.

Step 3. Click/tap Accept to approve a request.

You can also select “Decline” to deny any request.

How do You Unprotect Tweets?

The steps will be the same as mentioned above but uncheck the box next to Protect your Tweets.

Unprotecting your tweets will make all previously protected tweets public.

Therefore, if you’ve tweeted something personal, it’s better to delete them.

Some Safety Tips to Protect Your Twitter Account

  • Use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Under the Privacy & safety section, manage your account details and set who can tag you and search for you.
  • Always log in from the official Twitter website or mobile app.
  • Do not give your login information to third parties promising to get you more likes or followers.
  • Ask Twitter not to monitor your activities on other mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lock icon on Twitter?

If there’s a Lock icon on a Twitter profile, it means the account is protected. Such accounts are private and can only be seen by its current followers.

Can you stay anonymous on Twitter?

Yes, you need to set a fake username and an anonymous email address to do that. Also, make sure not to make your Twitter account public.
It all depends on how anonymous you want to stay on social media.

Can you see who viewed your Twitter?

No, you can’t. There’s no way to see who viewed your Twitter account or specific tweets. 
The only way to know is via direct engagement like a retweet, reply or making your tweet a favorite.

That covers everything about the topic. Hope the information helped you. If you find this post relevant, don’t hesitate to share it with others. Thanks for reading!