How To Increase Your Internet Speed

Are you facing an issue of slow internet? In today’s world, an efficient internet connection is of utmost necessity whether you are working remotely or binge-watching your favorite web series.

Follow these quick steps on how to increase your internet speed.

Why is your Internet Slow?

  • Monthly data usage limit set by your Internet provider: Your Internet Service provider may slow down your Wi-Fi speed if you exceed the provider’s data cap.
  • Unused devices connected: Leaving devices connected to your Wi-Fi that you aren’t using presently will reduce the speed of your internet signal.
  • Pop-Up Adds: Pop-up Adds are distracting. It lowers your internet speed and generally takes time to load web pages.
  • Infected by Spyware and Viruses: Spyware monitors your internet usage and keystroke, causing delays. When a computer is infected by a virus, computer code is installed that attempts to spread by distributing copies of itself via email, usually. Some viruses have the capacity to grow at a rate of hundreds of emails per minute, leaving little CPU power and Internet connection bandwidth for other purposes.
  • Browser add-on: On your browser toolbar, there are browser ads on programs. They are search bars, multimedia add-ons, or other programs. Such ad on they slow down the internet speed. 
  • Faulty ethernet cable: A broken or faulty internet cable may slow down the internet connection.

How to Increase Internet Speed

To improve your Internet speed, restart your modem, the simplest fix, or use a strong and complex password with WPA2 security on your router to prevent others from leeching off your network. Follow these ways for a fast solution.

digital city with high speed internet connection

Move your Router to a Better Location

The signal strength is greatly affected by the location of your Wi-Fi modem. The more the router is closer to your laptop or PC, the speed of the internet increases.

The router needs to be kept in an elevated and central position. It is always good to avoid keeping your router in the basement, underneath or behind metal furniture, near a bathroom, or any large water container like a fish tank.

You may suffer slowed-speed internet or service interruptions if the wireless connection is forced to pass through all these.

Use an Ethernet Cord

We often tend to forget that wired connections do exist. Wired connections are far more reliable than wireless connections. Devices that need fast Wi-Fi connections, like PC or gaming systems, require ethernet cords.

Wired connections are not affected by other devices. The only thing you need extra wires. To organize additional wires, use small brackets to attach cables to walls.

If your ethernet is slow, then we have you covered.

Remove Extra Users

As mentioned earlier, extra devices will definitely slow down your internet speed. Use a strong password to secure your connection backed by WPA2 security. Good modems offer the setup of your devices or services on a priority basis. It is always preferable to plug your device into Ethernet.

Improve Modem Settings

Signal coverage can improve by experiencing various Wi-Fi settings. When watching streaming content or playing video games, some people prioritize bandwidth. If there are numerous users on one connection, this will not work. Reset the Request to Send (RTS) thresholds on your modem. Lowering the threshold increases the speed.

Consider a Different Internet Service Provider

If your internet provider provides you slow connection, no matter what tricks you try, the issue will not be fixed. How about trying one of the best Internet service providers to solve your issue quickly?

Service providers like Windstream Internet provide high-speed data up to 8 Gig with fiber-powered internet plans. The best part is that you have unlimited access to data, no annual contracts, and it has 99.9% network reliability.

Run an Antivirus

Malware or viruses can definitely affect computers or laptops’ ability to access the internet, as earlier mentioned.

Any harmful programs on your computer will be removed by running antivirus software.

Even if everything is running smoothly, it is always a good idea to run an antivirus scan once a week. 

Switch and Upgrade to a New Modem

Any machine which is working for a long bound to lose its efficiency. How about updating to a new model? 

New models have advanced features and work efficiently as they will have more bandwidth and less interference.

Updating with a Wi-Fi modem with a repeater is one of the best options for larger spaces. A Wi-Fi repeater amplifies an existing signal while preserving your preferred SSID and password.

Reset your Modem

A simple reset of your modem can fix this issue. Proper positioning of your antennas of Wi-Fi can also work. 

If need to position one antenna horizontally and one antenna vertically. If repositioning your antenna doesn’t work, consider updating your antenna or trying for an omnidirectional one.

Final Thoughts

Slow internet speed is frustrating and lands you in trouble. So you are all set to increase your internet speed. These will definitely solve your problem and you can enjoy a hassle-free high-speed internet connection.