Boost Your Internet Connection Speed By This Simple Trick

Internet Speed

There are times when you are supposed to be connecting to high-speed internet, but end up experiencing slow internet connections speed that can’t complete simple tasks, like web browsing, downloading files, and so on.

It’s really annoying when you’re finishing the download of that video that you have been waiting to watch and the internet drops …

internet speed


Nowadays we all want the fastest internet speeds possible on our smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Certainly, there are several methods out there that anyone can access to simply increase their internet speed. In this article, I will show you a little-known method that will attack your DNS for faster internet. By administering this technique, you can get faster browsing and downloads. The results can equal up to three times faster speeds.

So, before you go out to buy expensive routers or repeaters hoping for a better WiFi signal, put this simple trick into practice and build a hack that will solve browsing problems once and for all!

Just follow these simple steps outlined in this article for an improved internet experience.

What Exactly is DNS?

You’ve probably heard of it, aren’t familiar with the term. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, this server transforms IP addresses into domain addresses and vice versa. In fact, this is a protocol that was designed because it’s very challenging for human beings to absorb the digits from IP addresses and virtually impossible to remember the digits that make up the IP addresses of all their favorite websites. DNS was designed to simplify the process .

How Does DNS Work?

Domain Name System (DNS) servers are responsible for locating and translating the addresses of websites we enter into web browsers over to IP addresses.

Sometimes we find the DNS servers of our internet provider congested or plagued with security problems. Using a good DNS server means your browsing experience can be faster and safer.

Many services provide security features such as detection of fake or infected websites. They can also provide a parental protection system in which adult content sites, for example, are blocked.

And thanks to the caching of these services, as soon as your computer requests a site, it will respond immediately. However, taking into account the latency of your machine to server IP is an important point in performance search.

So, without having to rely on the slow and insecure servers you may be currently using, your browsing should get faster. Unfortunately, many of the most popular domain name resolution services are not available throughout all countries of the world.

How to get faster web browsing By DNS hack?

For a quick and swift Internet speed, I would recommend that you check out the free services of Open DNS among other popular free services which started providing an alternate method for people who were fed up with their current DNS services. Just follow these steps to make it happen:

Go to Options Control Panel_Networks and Internet.

Now, click Network and Sharing Center.

Click your Internet connection currently has connected and properties open than the network.

Now click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), and then click Properties.

Now choose the following DNS server addresses for a faster internet speed

* Preferred DNS server:

* Alternate DNS server:

Then click OK and configure IPv6

Preferred DNS Server: 2620: 0: 2 ccc ::

Alternate DNS Server: 2620: 0: 2 CCD ::

Save all settings and now you should be ready to use a DNS that provide faster internet browsing.

Google Public DNS

Google’s name resolution is another service option and is very easy, although it does not offer any extra features besides translating domains to IP addresses. In order to use the Public DNS from Google, first configure your computer or router with the following addresses:

Primary server:;

Secondary server:

If you have IPv6 support, these are the addresses:

Primary server: 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888;

Secondary server: 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844.

Open DNS

You certainly have probably heard of this being one of the most popular DNS services available today. It has servers scattered across the globe, including North America, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, it does not yet have servers in South America but offers extra security features such as protection against fake sites and parental protection.

To use Open DNS, configure your computer or router with the following addresses:

Primary server:;

Secondary server:

Level 3 DNS

Level 3 is a gigantic company that provides connectivity services to thousands of other businesses around the world. You can use a combination of the following addresses:

Primary server:;

Secondary Primary Server:;

Alternate server:;

Alternate server:;

Alternate server:;

Alternate server:;

Alternate server:;

Alternate server:

All of them respond from the United States.

DNS Benchmark

With DNS Benchmark, a very small and useful program for Windows, you will be able to measure which DNS server is best for your region. It can simply see which is the best and fastest server from a pre-defined list, in which new servers can be added or removed manually. It is also possible if you have the patience to wait about half an hour, test a list with almost 5000 servers to find out which is the best and fastest for your region.

This gigantic list has many servers, maintained by different companies. At the end of the test, a list of the top 50 finalists will be generated and from there you can take a new quick test to find out which server is the best. Once you have done the 30-minute long test, you will only need to repeat it if you change your address or internet provider.

At the end of the test, configure your computer or router to use the first addresses in the list and navigate to the best option available to you.


Using the above tips, you’ll be using the best DNS servers available today and you’ll be able to find the best one for your region. Using a server as close to your location as possible will help make your browsing faster. Tired of your provider’s bad servers? Change right now and see the difference.

Image Credits To:  Pragmagraphr