5 Solutions to “Your Organization’s Data Cannot be Pasted Here”

When you try to copy data from an email via Microsoft Outlook to other apps installed on the same device, like Notes, you sometimes encounter an unexpected error that says “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here”. This error message pops up while trying to paste the copied content to an uncertified application.

The error seems very common in new documents and can show up on both mobile and computer devices. It’s due to the Microsoft Intune Policy that doesn’t allow people to copy and paste data for security purposes.

In that case, close the problematic application, restart your device and check if the same error still occurs. If you find no changes, try out the fixes mentioned below to quickly troubleshoot the issue. 


How to Fix Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here

Here are 5 ways that you can try to avoid the “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error message.

Fix 1: Update Office Manually

If you’re using an outdated Office application or Outlook, update the Office application manually to troubleshoot this problem on your Windows PC, iOS, or Android mobile

  1. Close all the Office applications on your device.
  2. In the search box, type Microsoft Store and Open it. 
  3. Login to your Microsoft Account which you used to link with your Office license. 
  4. Click the three dots icon located at the top right side.
  5. Click Downloads and Updates.
  6. Now, click Get Updates to check and install the available Office updates.

Fix 2: Try Recreating Office File (Applies to Excel)

You can recreate a Microsoft Excel file to remove the “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error. Here’s how to do so, 

  1. Create a new file.
  2. Select a cell and make some changes to it. 
  3. Save the file. 
  4. Now, you might copy and paste the organization’s data into that spreadsheet. 

Fix 3: Modify Intune Protection Policy

The fast and foremost thing you can try is to modify Intune protection policy. You can use the following steps to modify the protection policy of the Intune app. 

  1. Log in to your Intune Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. Click on Client Apps from the left side.
  3. From the client apps screen, click on Apps protection policies located on the left side.
  4. Click the Create Policy option to create a new policy. Otherwise, choose an existing Intune management policy from the list and edit it. 
  5. On the policy page, move down to the restrict cut, paste, and copy on other apps and change it according to your requirement or choose any apps
  6. If you create a new Microsoft Intune policy, you’ll get the feature through Settings> Data Protection> Data Transfer.
  7. Click OK to save changes.

Fix 4: Long-Press the Screen Area

In case you’re getting this error on Android, you can long-press the screen where you want to paste the copied data. Usually, the “Your data cannot be pasted here” is a Gboard suggestion. So, if you’re using the Google keyboard, long-pressing the screen will fix this issue. 

Fix 5: Contact IT Admin

If you’re still getting the same error, contact your IT administrator for help. Your current device and app management policies probably restrict you from copying and pasting data between apps. 

In case you’re an admin, try checking your current Microsoft Intune Policy and make sure that the cut, copy and paste features are enabled. You can even edit the policy settings to allow users to cut, copy and paste data between different apps. For that,

  1. Go to your Microsoft Intune dashboard
  2. Navigate to Client apps
  3. Choose App protection policies
  4. Now, check the current policy settings
  5. Go to Data Transfer.
  6. Change the settings under Restrict cut, copy and paste between other apps to let users cut, copy and paste data between different apps


That’s it. Here we’ve mentioned all the possible solutions to fix the error. If you’re getting the error, try modifying the Intune policy. The restriction policy will be revoked from the settings through data protection and transfer, and your organization’s data cannot be pasted here issue will be removed as well from the chosen app.

If the problem still persists, contact your IT admin for assistance. If you find this guide beneficial, kindly share it with your friends and share your feedback with us in the comment box below.