Facebook Statuses That Need To Go Away

facebook statusPeople who connect with family and friends through a social media site such as Facebook do so to keep up with what is going on in his or her life.  However we have all seen the daily posts from those people that we just want to delete and “unfriend” that person.  Here are some of the Facebook statuses that should no longer be allowed and should just go away.

The Relationship Status Bragging About The Other Person

How many of these relationship statuses have you seen that just make you want to skip right over it.  So your friend got flowers from his or her significant other for absolutely no reason at all.  Yes we all know that it is a sweet gesture but many of us do not care to hear about the great relationship you are in.  Especially if you are not in a relationship at the time.

facebook status

The Health Food Status

Another annoying status post is that of the person who is a health food junkie or just trying to clean out his or her system.  If you are sitting somewhere eating a meal that is not the greatest for you the last thing you want to read about is the person who is trying to be as healthy as they can be and you really do not want to see the picture of the food.

The Sad Person Status

Your friends on Facebook do not want to hear about how sad you are when your partner breaks up with you.  If you are a really good friend you will know about this situation because your friend told you in person or over the telephone.

The Attempt To Make Your Daily Chores Sound Interesting

Another annoying habit that people have is posting their entire list of daily chores on Facebook.  Let’s face it.  We all have a long list of chores that need to be done.  Do we really want to read shores that other people have to do as well?

The Common Chain Letter Hoax Status

It used to be that the only chain letters we received were in the mail.  We could then decide to keep them or throw them away.  Now because of technology we no longer have the option of getting the mail and physically throwing the letter away.  It is there inside of our social media account for us to see every time we log in.  Of course there is the option of deleting it but sooner or later we will receive the same thing from someone else.

The Aggressive Status

We all have the one friend that no matter what happens is always overly aggressive with their statuses.  This is the person who types in all capital letters and yells at someone through their Facebook status.  If you are like me you will probably just pass right over the all caps statues.

The Statuses That Threaten Facebook

Another status that we have all seen many of times is the status where one of your friends is threatening to leave Facebook again.  The reasons can be many and often times the person never does leave.  We can only hope that he or she does.

Every person who is on Facebook will have their own statuses that will annoy him or her and will delete or ignore what ever is bothering them.  The good thing about social media sites is that it is a personal preference about what you want to read and whom you want to receive updates from.  If you do not like something you have the option of getting rid of it.  Face it; none of these statuses will go away by themselves.

Image credits to : christy sheffield