Does Bumble Have Read Receipts?

Among so many choices of dating apps, Bumble has gained pride in being an app for female-oriented design. The app allows women to make the first move and initiate conversations with their matches.

However, like any dating or chatting app, it’s nice to know if the message went through and the other person read it. So, Bumble users might be curious about “Does Bumble have read receipts?”. Here’s the answer.

Can Someone Check If You Read Their Bumble Message?

If you’ve read someone’s message but don’t want to reply, then don’t worry because Bumble does not have read receipts. It means the other person will not know if you’ve read their messages or not and the same applies to you also. Moreover, unlike Snapchat, it doesn’t notify others if you take screenshots of the chat.


Without having read receipts on Bumble can be an advantage or disadvantage. Not receiving a read receipt can mean the person isn’t in a hurry to reply back immediately, considering the sender knows that his/her message has been read. It gives users time to come up with some interesting replies.

Though sometimes, it works in your favor. If the other user isn’t replying to the messages, possible he/she is offline and not using Bumble at the moment. To figure out whether they’re avoiding you or not, just check their feed and be assured. Or, you may send something exciting that they can’t resist responding to quickly.

But Bumble does let you check when your message is sent and delivered. So, it gives you hope that your message will be read or at least seen by others. Otherwise, there’s no way to tell whether they’ve read your messages.

How to Turn On Read Receipts on Bumble?

Since Bumble doesn’t support read receipts, you can’t turn it on. The only notification it gives you is when your messages were sent and delivered.

If you’ve sent someone a message on Bumble and haven’t received any response, they may be offline or are not interested in chatting with you.

Is it Good or Bad Not to Have Read Receipts?

The lack of reading receipts on Bumble is good and advantageous. You can take a screenshot of the chat and send it to a friend to get some advice from the other person. You can even lie to them that you were offline and that’s why couldn’t check the message. In this way, the app gives you a certain level of privacy.

Additionally, if you’re not a frequent user and check Bumble a few times a day, it can be advantageous for you as there’s no pressure in replying back soon.

There’s also a drawback. Not all users prefer uncertainty. If you don’t get a reply for a long, you won’t understand if something bad happens with your match. Did they lose their mobile? Did they just ghost you all of sudden or busy at work? Unfortunately, you won’t ever know for sure what went wrong.

Ending Note

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