How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Snapchat lets you share your moments in one snap. You can send photos, live video chatting, messaging, view live stories. It has strict security rules while comes to screenshot someone’s story or snap. You can only save someone’s snap by taking screenshot of it. Then Snapchat will send the user a notification of it. So, if you don’t want to let them know you need to learn few tricks.

There are some smarter ways to take screenshot secretly on Snapchat without them knowing. So what are those? Before you know and apply them, keep in your mind about the pros and cons.

1. Using Private Screenshots

This app allows you to make screenshots in Android and keep them private. Snapchat can’t detect them. This app doesn’t broadcast any message about screenshots, hence keep it confidential. Follow the steps:

  • Press START.
  • Grant permission to capture the content.
  • Press and hold screenshot button.
  • Press STOP.

This app is free and hides your information both online and offline. You can keep or delete the screenshots later. But the drawbacks are you can take only 250 screenshots. The app floating icon appears on every screenshots, doesn’t look good.

2. Using Screen Recorder

This is another trick to take screenshot. In some Android models like Samsung, Redmi, there is in-built screen recorder. For others, simply install a free app.

While you are viewing someone’s snap, you need to pull down the control panel from top of the screen. Hit the “screen recorder” button and start recording. Then tap stop button and here you capture a screenshot successfully without them knowing.

For iPhone user with iOS 11, enable in-built screen recorder to record.

  • Open Snapchat and go to snap page.
  • Swipe up the screen to bring Control Centre.
  • Press the Screen Recorder button.
  • If it is not there then open Settings > Control Centre > Customise Control. Tap + button to add Screen Recorder at control centre.

Remember this feature only works for Snapchat or other chatting apps, not for Netflix or Chrome.

You can make GIF from those screenshots. Unfortunately not all screen recorders can take screenshots. Also, be aware, with older version of Snapchat, the user can get notified of your taking screenshot of his/her snaps. You need the latest version to be hidden.

3. Clear the Cache

Another effective way is to clear the cache of Snapchat while internet is off.

  • Open Snapchat and go to Chat section.
  • Open the chat, let the image/ snap you want to screenshot, fully loaded.
  • Then quickly turn off the data.
  • Take the screenshot of snap.
  • Go to Settings in Snapchat, scroll down and tap the Clear Cache button.
  • Now you can turn the data on.

You can also force stop the app.

  • On Android, go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> Snapchat> Force stop.
  • On iPhone, swipe up from bottom and swipe up on Snapchat.

Main issue is if your data/WiFi is turned on by mistake, notification will be sent. So, don’t miss the above steps to take screenshots secretly.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode in iOS Device:

iPhone users can take screenshots with this technique.

  • Open Snapchat and load the image.
  • Swipe up from bottom to open Control Centre.
  • Hit the Airplane mode.
  • Go back to the image in Snapchat.
  • Take a screenshot.

Now here comes the twist. Don’t turn off the airplane mode now because Snapchat can detect your activity. It will send notification. So, follow the below steps:

  • After taking screenshot, go to your profile.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • Tap on Settings > Clear Cache> Clear All > Clear.
  • Turn off the airplane mode now.

Thus, you can secretly take screenshots on iOS device without them knowing.

5. Using Another Phone to Record:

This is an easiest method to take screenshot or record. You just need an extra phone for it.

  • Open the snap/image in Snapchat.
  •  Take the extra phone, turn on the camera and take picture of it.
  •  You can record any video too.

Make sure that phone has a good quality of camera. Because a poor quality camera will give you a poor result.

6. Using Google Assistant (Android Users Only)

This trick is applicable for Android users only. Useful and easy method without any third party as follows:

  • Open the snap in Snapchat.
  • Open Google Assistant using voice “Ok, Google”. Or hold the home button to open Google Assistant.
  • Say “take Screenshot”.
  • Save it or share it on different app.

Sounds easy right? People recommend using the voice rather than holding the button. As, you need to press it for long time to activate. Accidentally pressing it for short time, results in lost of the snap.

7. Using QuickTime ( Mac Users)

QuickTime feature can record any action of iPhone in Mac. It is a screen mirroring technique. Snapchat can’t detect if you are taking screenshots using QuickTime.

  • You need to connect your iPhone to Mac computer.
  • Open QuickTime player.
  • Click on File > New Movie Recording.
  • From drop down list find your iPhone name and select it. You can see your phone screen on Mac.
  • Open the snaps in Snapchat and start the recording.
  • QuickTime mirroring feature now record all snaps you are watching in Snapchat.

Instead of video recording, you can also save snaps using QuickTime.

  • Simply press Command+ Shift + 4 on Mac.
  • Press space bar
  • Take screenshot of the window.

8. Recording Your Phone to TV/PC

If you don’t have Mac, then not to worry. You can also record your phone by connecting to pc or smart TV. There are several apps / software for that. They enable you to connect your phone to the external device. Then you open Snapchat in your phone, record the snaps of others using the device.

Such as Blu-ray Screen Master Recorder, a screenshot program for Windows users. ApowerMirror, screen mirroring app helps to cast your Android/iOS with Windows/Mac or Smart TV.

Legal Issues for Taking Screenshots of Someone’s Snaps

Now the question arises here. Is taking screenshots without them knowing legal or not? The answer depends on why are you taking the screenshot.

If the image/snap is subjected to copyright and you take the screenshot to share somewhere else, it can be a legal issue. Also, if your screenshots turn out to be explicit images of minors, you will face serious troubles.

Until or unless your action is causing no harm to other, there is no problem. As, the person is posting their contents in internet knowingly. But if he/she finds out your actions offending, can report your profile. You can be banned from using app in future.

Few Basics about Snapchat

New users often ask few questions. Like can I delete the snaps after sending it? Yes, of course. Go to the message, press and hold it. A pop-up message will appear, just tap “Delete”. But if the receiver have already seen it and taken screenshot, then you may need to be cautious next time.

If someone takes screenshot of your text/snaps/video, you will be notified. A message will be shown in that chat box with that person. But again, if he/she is smart enough to use the above mentioned tricks, you will possibly never get notified.


Now you know about all the ways to take screenshots in Snapchat without them knowing. Try it and see the result. Though Snapchat can upgrade their privacy controlled set up, where may be screen recorder can’t work. Still, you will have other options too. But, make sure you don’t misuse the techniques.